The First Story I Read

I chose to read the Veldt and it was a very interesting and mind blowing short story and it was really exiting. It was written by the awesome author Ray Bradbury. The Veldt is all about the future and new technology. It was written in 1950 and was surprisingly accurate about the future just like all short story’s by Ray Bradbury and in this future setting the main characters are the Hadley family of four. The parents are George and Lydia Hadley and the boy named Peter and the girl is named Wendy. They live in a smart home just like in Ray’s other poem “August 2050 There Will Come Soft Rains ” and the nursery is filled with screens and it will change its screens to make it exactly like what the kids want to look at. The problem arises when the parents go in to the nursery and find a Africa scene and find lions eating something and are confused why there kids are wanting to watch death until they find the shocking truth.

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