I’m a Big Kid Now

This school year was good and bad, everything. I mean, just as everyone else, I did grow as a person. Last year I didn’t really have relationships with my teachers, but now I do. I mean I’ve always been crazy and outgoing, but with people I know most of the time. Now I just stopped caring. I’ve gotten to know myself a lot better and learn from my friends mistakes, and my friends have learned from mine. I have learned to communicate with people better and let things go. I’ve become a more peaceful mind though I still am crazy. As a student, I think I tried a lot harder and actually cared about school this year. In August till now- I can say yes I have changed a lot, but I think my mind is still the same, I had a lot of experiences in school, and even outside of school, that have changed me.

Secret Secrets are no fun, Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

Romeo and Juliet kept secrets, and we all know how that turned out. So why do people keep secrets? Well, I think that maybe people forget to even consider telling anyone. I feel that it may be because some people think that they don’t need to tell, that it is their problem, so they don’t even consider it. But I think some other reasons that teenagers often keep secrets could be that they are just scared. They don’t want to get caught, in trouble, whatever the case may be. It might also be because they are scared of the outcome. Teenagers do a lot of stupid things I will admit that cause it’s true. We often aren’t thinking of the outcome and we just do things in the moment, for the moment. So when we, if we do, consider telling someone we could be afraid of what would happen afterwards, what the person will think of us, losing people, etc.

Love Moderately

In this situation, I believe that Friar Lawrence is trying to explain to Romeo that he does not need to be so dramatic. That Romeo is taking this situation to the extreme and if he does not stop, then things could end up very badly. I do think that this is good advice, but I think Romeo and Juliet are not going to take it very well. As we all know the ending of the story, they don’t. I do think that Romeo and Juliet are modern people, as they are always talking poetically about the other and acting as if it would be the end of the world if they don’t get married.


I personally do not hate anybody. I think that it is a waste of time and precious energy to hate a person. I think people dislike, or hate, other people so deeply because they are unable to let go. Maybe they are unable to let go of something that that person did, maybe over and over again, they could of done or said something incredibly awful, the list goes on and on. But I personally believe there is not a “good” reason to hate somebody. Everything depends on the way¬†you let that person affect your emotions. People cannot pick and choose your emotions for you, they cannot feel them for you. You are the only person that can decide how to handle things and how to take things. I think people need to stop having so much hate in their hearts because all it does is bring negativity into the world, that’s not what we want. Hating someone for something or holding a grudge is well, one, childish, but also just making the problem worse. We need to remember that our life does not have a certain path, it is not supposed to go a certain way, so not everything that happens will go as “planned” and we need to accept that.


The sub told us to do what was written on the paper, and I am pretty sure she did everything she was supposed to. If she saw someone off task then she would remind them to stay on task and I didn’t personally have a problem with her. Mostly everyone got off task at some point, including myself. Some people worse than others, including myself. Although I did finish all the work I was supposed to and read the article and everything. Our class was not too bad, and there was not a specific person distracting the whole class really.


Everything I know about Shakespeare is not much. I know that we was an extraordinary writer and that is what he is famous for. His work is very meaningful and he wanted the people to think. Most of his plays were tragedies. He lived a long time ago and was married to a woman named Anne Hathaway. One of his most famous plays is Hamlet. Some people find him very boring and you have to appreciate his writing method to like his work. Many of his plays are famous, and Hamlet was written after his son dies. The only reason I know all this is because in drama we learned about him. You have most likely heard of at least one of his plays, if not more. He was born very long ago in the 1500s and died around the early 1600s. I have not read any of his plays but actually would like too since hes considered one of the greatest writers in English history.

How I Feel About to Kill a Mockingbird

When I first started reading To Kill a Mockingbird, it was very boring to me and it took me a while to get started. But now that we are finished, it had grown on me. I liked the book much better than the movie, and the comparison helped me appreciate the book even more. I thought Harper Lee worded things in a difficult way that was hard for me to understand, but she also worded it very well. I thought the story had a good plot line, and although I wish Tom’s j did not die, it’s just a book and I think readers learned from it and the story wouldn’t be itself without that.

Good Stuff From To Kill a Mockingbird

On page 246, Miss Maudie said, “We’re making a step. It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step.” And by that she means, they are making progress. They are going places with what they have been trying to do (free Tom). Every little thing is a step along the way, and everything may be little things, but they will all work out and add up. Miss Maudie is not giving up hope. I think that because she said this, it will help regain the hope of the people who have maybe lost hope. I picked this because it’s sometimes how I would think, or how I am told to think and I thinks that’s a good thing.

Courage and Integrity

Courage and Integrity are a great thing to have. This means that you are not afraid to stand alone when everyone else is choosing to do or follow something different. It means standing up for things you believe in when everyone else is saying you are wrong. The Grinch can be an example of integrity because he chose to be mean and mad about everything, when everyone around him was being happy. Odd example, another example is David. Now if you have read The Bible you would know the story of David and Goliath. David was the only one brave enough to battle against the giant Goliath with no armor or help. That is an example of integrity.

Blind Spot

I think it is possible to want to kill somebody, and still be considered a good person. But I don’t think that it is right. I understand that race was a very big deal back then, but even then it did not matter and it still does not. We all breath the same air, and have the same bones, and we are not able to control our skin color. So in my opinion, yes, I think that Walter was being a bad person and his inability to see that we are all equal is what makes me think that, he has no place to put himself above others, and no one has a place to put themselves above him. Although, Atticus was saying that Walter is still a good man, he just has blind spots. In this situation, his blind spot is him not realizing that it doesn’t matter what color Tom is and that he is telling the truth. The fact that he dislikes his race is preventing him from realizing the truth.