Term 1 Reflection

Thinking back on my academic and personal performance from first term, I would say I did fairly well. I completed most assignments on time, whether it was in class or at home. But, there were still a few assignments that I had to turn in late, but I got almost all of the work done. I didn’t comment on 2 peoples blog posts every time I uploaded a blog post though. Last term I only read one book, this term I plan on reading two or three. I also plan to be more focused and get assignments in on time and get better scores.

The Power of Words

Authors can help you feel a certain way by using certain words. A lot of this is personification, for example instead of saying “his pencil wrote across the paper” the author could say “his pencil danced across the paper” which helps you visualize the scene much better, and also helps you get a better feel for what is going on. The author may ask us questions to help us connect to the story, or the author might mention things that we might be able to relate to, also to help connect us with the story. Authors uses very descriptive words too, which can help us understand the mood.

What Kind or Writer am?

All the writing that we have done, that I have done, has helped me learn that I am a lazy writer. I do not really like to write about all the stuff we write about as a class, I like it to be more freestyle. Something that I want to write about. I would say my strengths in writing are making the paragraphs just barely long enough, and coming up with really bad ideas. But those are also the things I struggle with, I struggle to make these paragraphs long enough and come up with good ideas. I should improve on that, not that anybody reading this really cares, you just have to do it.