What Kind or Writer am?

All the writing that we have done, that I have done, has helped me learn that I am a lazy writer. I do not really like to write about all the stuff we write about as a class, I like it to be more freestyle. Something that I want to write about. I would say my strengths in writing are making the paragraphs just barely long enough, and coming up with really bad ideas. But those are also the things I struggle with, I struggle to make these paragraphs long enough and come up with good ideas. I should improve on that, not that anybody reading this really cares, you just have to do it.

One thought on “What Kind or Writer am?

  1. I like the things we write about it class, but it also takes me a while to figure out what to say or how to say it. For me I make my paragraphs way to long then spend way too much time on it.

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