The End

This term I think I did pretty well. For the most part. I did all the blog posts that had been assigned to us, and I tried to make each one of them 100 words, although I forgot to on some posts. I commented on as many other students blog posts as I could, but I was not able to comment on two of them everytime.

What I’m reading.

So, this was due about a month ago, and so I’ll just say what I was reading a month ago. I was reading nothing. Except for the literature book. I still am reading the literature book at school, although I just read books on my phone, but if you read on your phone during reading time, it doesn’t count during reading time and for some reason it’s hard to find books I like in person? I don’t really know why, woops.

The Veldt

This story was far too long, in my opinion. It kept going and going and it was not even intriguing, nothing made me want to read it except the fact that I had to. I did like how it used similes and personification, etc. I also think that the author could of explained the story and what was happening a little bit better. Why were there lions in the house? Also would’t it bug them that the house was listening to everything they were talking about?