Blind Spot

I think it is possible to want to kill somebody, and still be considered a good person. But I don’t think that it is right. I understand that race was a very big deal back then, but even then it did not matter and it still does not. We all breath the same air, and have the same bones, and we are not able to control our skin color. So in my opinion, yes, I think that Walter was being a bad person and his inability to see that we are all equal is what makes me think that, he has no place to put himself above others, and no one has a place to put themselves above him. Although, Atticus was saying that Walter is still a good man, he just has blind spots. In this situation, his blind spot is him not realizing that it doesn’t matter what color Tom is and that he is telling the truth. The fact that he dislikes his race is preventing him from realizing the truth.

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