The sub told us to do what was written on the paper, and I am pretty sure she did everything she was supposed to. If she saw someone off task then she would remind them to stay on task and I didn’t personally have a problem with her. Mostly everyone got off task at some point, including myself. Some people worse than others, including myself. Although I did finish all the work I was supposed to and read the article and everything. Our class was not too bad, and there was not a specific person distracting the whole class really.


Everything I know about Shakespeare is not much. I know that we was an extraordinary writer and that is what he is famous for. His work is very meaningful and he wanted the people to think. Most of his plays were tragedies. He lived a long time ago and was married to a woman named Anne Hathaway. One of his most famous plays is Hamlet. Some people find him very boring and you have to appreciate his writing method to like his work. Many of his plays are famous, and Hamlet was written after his son dies. The only reason I know all this is because in drama we learned about him. You have most likely heard of at least one of his plays, if not more. He was born very long ago in the 1500s and died around the early 1600s. I have not read any of his plays but actually would like too since hes considered one of the greatest writers in English history.