Secret Secrets are no fun, Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

Romeo and Juliet kept secrets, and we all know how that turned out. So why do people keep secrets? Well, I think that maybe people forget to even consider telling anyone. I feel that it may be because some people think that they don’t need to tell, that it is their problem, so they don’t even consider it. But I think some other reasons that teenagers often keep secrets could be that they are just scared. They don’t want to get caught, in trouble, whatever the case may be. It might also be because they are scared of the outcome. Teenagers do a lot of stupid things I will admit that cause it’s true. We often aren’t thinking of the outcome and we just do things in the moment, for the moment. So when we, if we do, consider telling someone we could be afraid of what would happen afterwards, what the person will think of us, losing people, etc.

One thought on “Secret Secrets are no fun, Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

  1. I like how you clarified that teens keep secrets cause we’re scared. It’ s SO true!

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