I am

My name is Paige Adamson and I ┬álike to sing, dance, act, roller skate, ice skate, laugh, talk, hangout with friends, animals, and pretend I can play the piano. Oh and I love ice cream… a lot.

I did gymnastics for 5 years then I switched to dance and did that for 2 years. I have been acting since I was in 2nd grade and I am starting Center Stage. I love roller skating and I have a lot of friends that are roller skaters even though they don’t go to my school. And ice skating is fun too even though I have only been 3 times. I laugh so much that sometimes at the end of the day my mouth hurts. I love my friends a lot and I love to hangout with them, I love talking to people. Nice people. I love animals and I have 3 of them. 2 cats and one really dumb dog. I wish I could play the piano but I am too busy to learn. And I love ice cream. Enough said.