Advice poem

People always try and be somebody else,

everybody follows the crowd.

They copy everything someone else does,

and they forget who they are,

what they knew,

what they believed in,

who they loved,

They forgot about themselves.

They forgot to love themselves,

and didn’t think they were good enough,

tore them selves down,

because they weren’t like someone else.

Don’t waste your time trying to be someone your not.

Someone who gets what they want,

someone who works for nothing,

someone who has everything,

someone everybody loves.

Be yourself.

Work for yourself,

accomplish what YOU want to,

not what other people think you should.

Don’t try to be the coolest, prettiest, funniest person in the room.

You will get sick of it,

and your real friends will love you anyways.

Don’t obsess over the thought of everybody loving you.

Cause nobody is loved by everyone.

Let people hate you,

and roll if off your shoulder.

rely on yourself,

don’t let yourself down.

Respect yourself,

you are beautiful and imperfect and have so much to live for,

and if anyone tells you otherwise- leave them.

You deserve so much better than second thoughts and maybe’s

Be happy,

cause life is unfair and you won’t get your way,

but be happy cause life is funny like that,

and we are all just trying to do our best,

well someone elses best I guess.