Real Courage

I think Atticus’s definition was very creative but it also got to the point. I think Atticus meant that even if you know you will fail of if your not sure how you’ll do, or if you’re not ready, get out there and  try. Have courage, even if you don’t succeed. Go out by yourself without relying on something or someone else. Like when Atticus said “Instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand; It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway, and see it through no matter what”

Climbing Into Another Persons Skin

What Atticus means is  Scout needs to try and see where the other person is coming from, and what influenced them to make that decision. It sort of means to put yourself in that situation, and it makes you think of what you would do in that situation if you were that person. Yes, I do do this because I can not judge a person based on a little thing I know about them, or their appearance, etc. You gotta try and put yourself in that person shoes. I have talked with people and they are much too quick to judge, while I try and see it from that persons point of view to try and get a better understanding. Put yourself in the other persons shoes first.

Beliefs and Actions

I think it’s important to know what we believe because it really does affect the treat others, and we may not even realize it all the time. Some people may be more stern to get their exact point across, while other people would talk in a softer, nicer manner. Some people have different opinions on different things, so for example: some people would say stealing is okay if they had no money and needed clothes or food etc, while other people would say no, they need to work for it or find help and not just take things others have worked for. Your belief system can also help you decide your standards and know when to draw the line and things like that.

The End

This term I think I did pretty well. For the most part. I did all the blog posts that had been assigned to us, and I tried to make each one of them 100 words, although I forgot to on some posts. I commented on as many other students blog posts as I could, but I was not able to comment on two of them everytime.

What I’m reading.

So, this was due about a month ago, and so I’ll just say what I was reading a month ago. I was reading nothing. Except for the literature book. I still am reading the literature book at school, although I just read books on my phone, but if you read on your phone during reading time, it doesn’t count during reading time and for some reason it’s hard to find books I like in person? I don’t really know why, woops.

The Veldt

This story was far too long, in my opinion. It kept going and going and it was not even intriguing, nothing made me want to read it except the fact that I had to. I did like how it used similes and personification, etc. I also think that the author could of explained the story and what was happening a little bit better. Why were there lions in the house? Also would’t it bug them that the house was listening to everything they were talking about?

1% Gain

Things me, and other people, could do to improve in school would be to not talk when the teachers isn’t teaching. When it is work time and the teacher wants us to work on our work by ourselves, I should not talk as much as I do. Even when we are given partners, we should stay on the topic and not talk about irrelevant things. This will help you with less homework too. Also, analyzing and understanding the subjects helps a lot. A lot of people like to memorize things but actually knowing what you’re doing is much more effective.

Tell me About it

I have got a lot on my mind, just like most people, so let’s talk about conspiracy theories. What if our phobias are phobias because that is how we died in our past life? What if NASA didn’t actually send people to moon and the government is lying to us? Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, but his name spelled backwards says Alien if you include the first initial of his last name. Or what if all the drones we see flying around are just other countries spying on us? I have a friend who was outside with her little brother and a drone fell from their tree and it had been recording them from the tree for who knows how long.

Who am I as a Reader

To be honest, as a reader I am lazy, like a lot of us, because it is hard for me to find a book I actually like. But when I read I try and understand the story and I think about it and connect and have opinions on it. When I find a good book I can not stop reading it. Reading a book to me is like watching a movie but instead of being showed how characters and scenes and setting look, you get to make it all up in your head. It is probably good for your imagination too because you have to imagine how everything looks.

Term 1 Reflection

Thinking back on my academic and personal performance from first term, I would say I did fairly well. I completed most assignments on time, whether it was in class or at home. But, there were still a few assignments that I had to turn in late, but I got almost all of the work done. I didn’t comment on 2 peoples blog posts every time I uploaded a blog post though. Last term I only read one book, this term I plan on reading two or three. I also plan to be more focused and get assignments in on time and get better scores.