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Steelheart Backstory

I watched through the opening of the pantry door in horror as my mom struggled to break loose from the rope they had bound her in. “Please let me go!” she begged. “I’ve never hurt anyone!” “You’re an epic, of course you have!” The tall man exclaimed as he raised a gun to her already shaking head. 

She looked at me with tears streaming down her face and mouthed “I love you.” The man lowered the gun right as I burst out of the closet towards the men, screaming so hard it still seems to echo in my head. The sudden movement and sound shocked the man whose finger was already on the trigger. An accidental shot fired, hitting my mother in the shoulder. I turned to her.

 She gasped for air as I fell to the ground beside her, trying in some way to stop the substantial amount of bleeding. I frantically felt around for something to hold to her wound but she grabbed me with her other hand. “Don’t forget..” her words were cut short by another gunshot, this time on purpose. I tried to cover her with my bulletproof body. My skin seemingly made of steel was the only epic-like ability I had at the time but it wasn’t enough to save my innocent mother. Bullets rained on me as my tears rained on my mom.

 It didn’t take the men long to figure out that they couldn’t hurt me, not physically anyway. “He’s an epic too, let’s get out of here!” One of the men exclaimed, already halfway out of the door. My mother was the only one who understood and cared about me. It was that day that I made a promise to myself. I would never let anybody else hurt me like that again.

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