blog post five- goodreads

httI think goodreads will be a very useful way to keep track of my reading and what i hope to read in the future. the site has already recommended to me many books i find interest in and i am excited to read these fun new books. i love that it considers your previously read and suggests books that are right up your ally. i hope to read a lot of new books this year.

Blog post #1: Who am I as a reader?

I started reading in probably second grade? I don’t remember exactly. I’ve been reading for a long time and I used to love books. I read a lot in elementary school and always had my nose in a book. During middle school I stopped reading as much and I lost interest, but my goal is to get back into the habit of loving to read. My favorite book of all time is Out Of My Mind by Sharron M. Draper. I also love Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier and in my free time I find it fascinating to flip through the original Grimm Fairytales. I loved Harry Potter, Divergent, and The Selection. I like reading in my bed or on my couch, but I don’t read almost at all outside of those areas unless it’s a text book at school. I am currently reading Fahrenheit 451 and I am really excited because the dystopian novel is just my taste. I am also beginning to read Turtles All The Way Down by John Green. I prefer to read one book at a time because my brain gets too scattered, but with two English classes, it’s difficult to stick with one. I love realistic fiction and dystopian novels more than anything.

blog post 3- series project

Rather than a series, i think i will be reading three John Green books. The books i have chosen are Turtles All The Way Down, An Abundance Of Katherines, and Paper Towns. I have been meaning to and wanting to read these books for a while and never got around to it so i’ve decided this assignment is the perfect motivation to get to them finally. I have not read any of the books yet and i plan to begin Turtles All The Way Down in February, then An Abundance Of Katherines in March, and end with Paper Towns in April.

blog 2: who is Steelheart?

Steelheart wasn’t always the magnificent being he became to be. In fact, his heart wasn’t made of steel at all, it was soft, warm, and fragile. The day he became an Epic was the day he left himself behind. He was born in a quite part of Chicago to parents that had almost too much love to give. His mother was small and thin with long, dark hair that fell upon her shoulders in graceful waves, a smile that filled you with more hope and joy than you could ever imagine and her eyes were a dark shade of green that drew you in and gave the warming feeling of a mother’s hug. His father was larger, with a strong build and shoulder-length locks of warn gold hiding his ears. The kind couple was proud to claim Micah as their own and they raised him with the same love they were full of.

At school, Micah would get along with everybody, he didn’t have to be fake to befriend every peer in his class. He was a peacemaker and had a way of resolving issues that nobody else could, and it it completely baffled all that surrounded him because his work was seemingly impossible. On the playground and bus rides home, Micah was able to bring a feeling of love, hope, and unity to his environment. His parents could not be more proud of the child he had become. This lasted through middle school and high school as well, there wasn’t a soul in Chicago that wasn’t in love with Steelheart, or the man he was before Steelheart.

It was an ordinary day when he became an epic. He worked as a substitute teacher at an elementary school near his childhood home. Nobody knows the whole story, but he left home that chilly morning with his confidence, bright attitude, and optimism. He came home with confusion and a sense of agony. He stumbled into his doorway and he knew something had changed, he wasn’t quite sure what. He assumed it was just a cold and decided to watch movies and chill out on the couch. A few hours into his night in, Micah heard some racket outside and went exploring to see what was causing such commotion. Down the street, he spotted two young men arguing, he hadn’t recognized them but he pressed forward so as to resolve the crisis. As he got closer, he could see one boy seemed to be cowering to the much taller, much larger boy who was now towering above the smaller one. Micah began to calmly ask the boys what the issue was, but before he got even two words out, the larger boy slid a small handgun from his inner coat pocket and fired at his leg. Micah flinched at the bullet before he came to the realization that it had inflicted no pain. He immediately assumed the bullet had missed, until he looked up at the confusion on the boy’s face. The smaller boy had run off, presumably to his home. The boy with the gun fired again and Micah watched the bullet ricochet off his chest this time. The boy dropped the weapon and ran away with a heavy trace of fear in his eyes but Micah froze.

Micah returned home fazed and feeling unwell. He spent the next few weeks indoors, underground, not leaving his place to even to get the mail or answer the door. Nobody can say what happened in those few dark weeks, but when Micah returned to reality, he was stronger and larger, he walked with pride and he was not the man he had been before as he demanded and dictated those around him. He was now an Epic and it was clear the power had gone to his head, he saw the opportunity to take advantage of his newfound powers, and nothing was ever the same. Steelheart was born.









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