Blog Post #6 Book Gifts

During the John Green video, I thought the S.P.Q.R Roman novel looked cool and would probably be something I would be interested in. I also thought Valiant sounded cool.

Books are the majority of gifts I’ll receive for any occasion. I’ve gotten Les Miserables, the Hush, Hush series, the Bloody Jack series, Graceling, Fallen Kingdoms series, H2O, The Darkest Minds series, and probably lots of others but I cannot for the life of me remember what they are.

I have let people know that I wanted a certain book, and I did get it (yay!), and I started reading on Christmas. Who can actually wait to read? Not me. If I get a book I didn’t really want, I’ll put it away for a while and let it be a bored book, or a ‘I need to read right now but I’m not in the mood for my regulars’ book.

I’m working on the Bloody Jack series, and I am almost through. I would give them to anyone who likes adventure and romancey books. Also to anyone who likes humor, because Jacky is freaking hilarious.

I’ll probably just sit around. Maybe read a few books. Finish my series. Eat lots of food and junk. I just really want to sleep and not go to school.

Lit. Circle Presentation-The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Critical Acclaim of The Forest of Hands and Teeth

The Book Smugglers can be quoted on their rating saying, “9 Damn near perfection.”, “A stellar debut novel from a shining new talent. Brava.”

In Common Sense Media’s Review website, someone posted the review, “Very well crafted with compelling narratives, this is a complex novel that reveals its secrets slowly.”

The author of the I Heart Reading blog wrote that “The Forest of Hands and Teeth isn’t your typical post-apocalypstic zombie book, and for that, I greatly applaud it.”

Many people have given this book high scores, with usually more than 3 stars. Of course, there are always the negative reviews, but I’ve chosen the high road.

Most of our group really enjoyed this novel, but myself and one other did not like it. We though it was slow with no build-up to the climaxes. The rest thought it was a good story with a good romance inside. They say it made them feel and want to cry because of what happens. Yet my friend and myself thought it was boring and had no real depth or character development or anything of that kind. Poorly written, but a very good idea. This book could have been much better had the writing style been different. All say we probably would not read it again.

Book Talk #2

The book I chose is The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. This book is about a girl named Ruby, along with many other kids who all have powers because of some strange sickness. There are different levels of these powers, Greens, who are super smart, Blues, who have telekinesis, Yellows, that can conduct electricity, Oranges, who have mind control powers, and Reds, who have control over fire. It follows Ruby as she escapes a camp for these kids, and tries to find a safe haven. It’s a really good read and I definitely recommend it.

Blog Post #5- The Forest of Hands and Teeth (dun dun duuuuhhhnn)


Our pictures describe kind of what is the main things that happen throughout the book.  The book itself was kinda strange. People said it was super creepy and stuff, but I didn’t really see it. There was only one or two kinda creepy parts. Anyway.

This first picture is used to represent when Mary goes into the tunnels under the cathedral. The tunnels go all over and lead into a tiny fenced area in the Forest that the Sisters took Mary to before she became a Sister. They had secret rooms and wine racks lining the walls. Mary goes down here by herself at one point and kind of has a mental breakdown. I like this picture because it looks pretty creepy.

This picture is to represent the Forest of Hands and Teeth. Mary is always saying how the Unconsecrated are always reaching through the fences and how you can always see or hear them in the trees. And we have it because it’s kinda in the title. “The Forest of  Hands and Teeth?” We couldn’t not put it in. C’mon man.

We chose this picture because it represents the Unconsecrated always at the fences. Mary describes them as constantly pulling and pressing against the fence, trying to get to the living. They’ll stick their fingers through, breaking them, put their faces against it, trying to infect the living. They’re noisy and persistent, never tiring. Sounds pretty scary.

I don’t really know how I felt about this book. It was pretty good, but had no buildup to the climaxes. It was just bam! climax, random stuff, climax! and more small details, climaaax!! It had no like slow, thrilling buildup. People also talked the book up, saying it was super creepy and they couldn’t read it at night. I don’t agree. It had it’s creepy parts, but for most of the book it was kindof just not. I know it was the author’s first creepy book, so I can’t judge too harsh. I liked the parts where Mary goes crazy and loses her mind, killing the Unconsecrated, shooting arrows, etc. She can get scary. All in all it was a pretty good story. 7/10. Three and a half stars.


Book Show and Tell

The book I read over the summer was Bloody Jack by L. A. Meyer. It’s about a head strong, clever, sarcastic orphan girl named Jacky living on the streets of London with a child gang in the 1700’s. I absolutely loved this book and the other books in the series that I’ve read. They’re full of adventure and a few funny love stories as she tries to get back to her one true love. She pretends to be a boy to get onto a Royal Navy ship, as she’s always dreamed of being a merchant on the sea. This story follows her life as she grows up, goes through puberty surrounded by 408 rough sailor men, and pirate chases and battles. It’s a super good read and I recommend it to anyone who likes adventure, romance, and humor. Even if you don’t like those things, you should read it anyway. Seven stars.

Blog #3- Can I be a pirate now?

The series I’ve chosen for my project is the Bloody Jack series, with 12 books in total. I chose this series because it sounded interesting and I love all things related to the ocean or pirating. I’ve read seven of the twelve, so I’m already nearly there. I can definitely finish this series by Fall Break. No sweat.

Post #2: Steelhearts origin story; by me


Jason Steelheart opened his eyes.

All he saw was sterile white above him, and all he heard was the beeping of monitors all around him. He felt cold, and somehow everything felt unreal, as if he were dreaming. He turned his head to the side and felt a massive wave of pain roll over him.

“Sergeant?” the voice asked again.

Steelheart looked toward the sound of the voice, and saw a young man, dressed in a deep blue uniform with medals pinned across his chest, his white cap held respectively in his hands. A corporal. Did he know him? Something stirred in his mind. Yes, yes he did know him. This young man was a corporal in his division. What was his name..? Martin. Corporal James Martin.

“Martin. Where am I?” Steelhearts voice sounded raspy, and felt like it hadn’t been used for days, maybe even weeks. The more he looked around, the more he saw of the room. Computers, showing blinking dots and something he figured was his heart rate doing the blip…blip…blip…what had happened to him?

“You’re in the hospital, sir. You’ve been in intensive care for days now. This is the first time you’ve woken up since you’ve been here, or so the nurses say.” Martin says, seeming relieved. Steelheart brings an IV’d hand to his head, which he found covered in heavy bandages.

“What happened? Why am I here?” What could’ve happened that he would’ve ended up here? Where had he been before this happened? His muscles ached from not being used for so long, and his head hurt as if there were razors bouncing around inside his brain.

“I’m not exactly sure what happened, sir. We were waiting for the Epic to leave his base, when  we were ambushed by his men. They killed twelve of our men, and we killed five of theirs and took two as captives. The Epic never came out and is still alive now. You were shot in the head by one of their snipers, but thankfully you didn’t die,” Martin smiles faintly. “We brought you here as fast as we could. We were just in time- any longer and you would’ve died from blood loss.” Steelheart thought back. Yes, the more he thought about it, he could see them waiting in the dark in front of the dark house. The Epic waiting inside, seemingly not knowing Steelheart and his Marines were outside, waiting. The sudden outbreak of gunfire. Shouts. Chaos. The bullet entering his head…

“What-” he clears his throat. “What do the doctors say? What did the bullet do to my brain?” Steelheart didn’t feel much different. He felt almost normal, except for the terrible pain. Maybe he was feeling different. He didn’t know. He’s on strong medication.

Corporal Martin went on to explain that the bullet had damaged the left frontal lobe of his brain, and considering what could’ve happened, the doctors say it was very lucky it was only that part of his brain that was damaged. Though they say he might experience behavioral changes, because of the injury, and he may want to consider physical therapy. His surgeon says he should be able to sit up soon, and leave hopefully within the month, isn’t that great Sergeant?

And so Jason Steelhearts life went for the next month or so. Two days after waking up that first time, he was able to sit up on his own. The nurses all applauded, but Jason knew that he may never heal all the way, and that was a depressing thought. As soon as he could stand, on about the fifth day, he was sent to therapy to get some movements back. It was then that he experienced his first mental change. He was talking with the therapist, politely, mind you, and then… the man was on the floor, blood on his face, and Jasons knuckles hurt. He wasn’t allowed near that doctor anymore. His doctor says his frontal lobe is responsible for rational decisions, and since his was damaged, that part of his brain doesn’t really know how to communicate anymore. Instead, his mid-brain, responsible for more primal instincts decided it would try its hand at being in charge.

“It’s just what we expected would happen. Sometimes, you might just have, well basically super dramatic mood swings. I would say it’s normal, but really it isn’t.” His surgeon told him. “Hopefully, it’ll fade with time and you’ll have fewer and fewer outbreaks. We really can’t say. Brains are still mostly unknown to us.” Steelheart eventually was able to walk again on his own.

One night, he lay awake, staring at the white hospital ceiling, thinking. Was this what his life will be from now on? Slowly learning to walk again? Two weeks ago, he was an able-bodied Marine, leading his own corps, trying to kill off Epics. Now? Now he was just another man, laying practically crippled in a hospital bed. At least now Corporal Martin will get promoted…suddenly, a stabbing pain went through his heart, spreading throughout his body, like a million shards of glass, slowly being pushed along his bones and muscles. He reached for his call button, hoping the nurses would tell him this was normal, here, have some pain medication. A fresh wave of searing pain flooded his body. The monitor that showed his heart rate flat-lined,  just as suddenly as the pain started, it vanished, and Jason blacked out.

Steelheart could barely even remember why he passed out when he woke up again. He had a memory of pain…was it real? He felt better than he had in weeks. His brain no longer hurt with the slightest movements. He threw the thin hospital blanket off of his legs, and sat up. Nothing. No pain. Steelheart almost cried with joy. He swung his legs off the edge of the bed, and slowly lowered himself to the floor. His legs felt as strong as they had during his last training exercise, which is to say, they felt amazing. Was he healed? Just like that? He reached again for the call button. Two nurses came rushing in, looking concerned, searching the bed first, not expecting him to be standing on his feet without a cane or an arm of someone else.

“I’m healed!” Jason exclaimed. “I feel no pain, no weakness. Is this supposed to happen?” The nurses only shook their heads, too stunned to speak. One of the nurses went to get his surgeon, who was luckily still at the hospital. He ran into the room, not believing what he had been told. Steelheart beamed at him.

“This isn’t possible,” the doctor said, his head shaking disbelievingly. “There’s no logical way…motor skills still needed help two hours ago…impossible…” His head shot up suddenly. “Come with me. I want to run a few tests.”

Steelheart told him everything that had happened, the intense pain, the monitor, and how the pain had gone. As he was telling his story, his surgeon placed him in front of the x-ray machine. He held perfectly still, letting the machine do its thing. The doctor ran a few more random tests. He looked more and more worry after each one.

“Jason…” he starts. “You’re an Epic.”

And that’s when Jason Steelhearts world fell apart.


Hello this is me

Hello people! Welcome to my brand-new school blog! I’m super psyched to blog about books and whatever. I’ve been reading for almost as long as I can remember, and have always just loved it. I think I first started around 4 or something which is crazy because as a four year old you’re usually pretty stupid, so who knows how that happened. My favorites were of course Dr. Seuss and the occasional princess book. I think my all time favorite was called There is a Monster at the End of this Book which was a Sesame Street book, so it was obviously the best.

I’ve always loved to read just in comfortable places, like a bed or couch or even a love seat chair. Or corners behind chairs for some reason. I don’t even know with me sometimes. I can always read in a car too, which I think of as an amazing skill. Most people get carsick and everything gets gross. Bleh. Anyway. Now I like to still read wherever. Like today, I was reading in my car before I had to go to work. Man, I love to read. My favorite book isn’t the Sesame Street one anymore, sadly. I still like it though. My favorite books now are the Bloody Jack series (which really isn’t that violent and it’s really good I recommend to everyone), and the Hush, Hush series (which the theme of this blog is based on), and of course Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. I really like Maze Runner too; except I hate the third one and I refuse to finish it. No.

I can never read just one book at a time. I’m currently reading about 14 other books and like 3 series. It’s kind of a problem. Oh well. *shrugs* I think my favorite kind of books to read are almost all, except some really dumb looking or sounding books. My very favorites though are historical fiction, fiction, adventure, and romance (I know that’s really basic and whatever, but. Sue me. Not really, please don’t.). I just really like to read. I like to consider myself a bookworm, or an avid reader, but there’s always those who read more than me, so I guess I’m only part worm or something. Maybe I’m part book-caterpillar…

Who even knows.

Maybe I should tell you a little about me. I consider myself an adventurer. I love everything relating to the ocean, snorkeling, boating, beach combing, ocean kayaking, rope swings, and color festivals. I like driving places with my friends, watching stupid movies, and just my friends. I love them with all my being. I love to travel, which is weird, because I really haven’t gone anywhere. I’m going to live in Australia, and probably make a lot of stupid decisions in my life. I’m going to probably backpack through Europe hopefully soon. I love to paint and to read and sleep and eat macaroni and cheese. Favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate. Um favorite movie is probably Men in Tights or Hunchback of Notre Dame. Maybe Lord of the Rings. Yeah. I think that’s about it.

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