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I thought I did good on my reading test.  I got a 1310 and that is in the 11th grade range which is way higher then what I was planning on getting.  I have been reading a lot the last two months I finish 6 books had five of those were a whole series.

The book I am currently reading has 592 pages and is so far a great book.  I think for my book report I should be better prepared and not forget things and make sure it’s done on time.  I could have changed a lot of things on my book report, I could have made a better summary, author information, and recommendation.  I could have also had a title page.

For my term 4 book report I am planning to be ready for the extra credit day and I will have it done ahead  of time.  I am reading the Lost Hero by Rick Riordan which is the first book in the hero’s of Olympus series which is kind of a sequel series to the Percy Jackson series.  The book is so far great.

Personal Quest

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In my regular life I like to play soccer and it’s one of my favorite things to do and I have been playing it all my life.  I also play my Xbox and I have two brothers and they are both younger than me I also have a pet fish and had a pet tarantula but it died in December.  I also love to ride my bike and go mountain biking, I play the viola and piano and I do Choir, I like to read and I especially like Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase series and the Percy Jackson series.

I want to play soccer in college and I haven’t been practicing as much as I should have and I know that I need to try really hard and play on competitive teams and get on the high school team to even have a chance to make it to a college team.

My problem is that I don’t really want to go any higher than I am now because I like my team and my rec league and I am having trouble deciding on what to do and if I should move up and leave my team behind or if I should move up and go for the higher league.

My mentors are my dad who has always helped me and was my coach until I was eleven and has helped me and taught me skills and taught me all the rules and helped me for years.  Another mentor is my coach who has helped me learn how to play goalie and how to play defense because I hate defense and he made it easier.  The last mentors are my cousins one of which has helped me with soccer at practices and has played with me and his brother (who is now on an LDS mission and will play soccer for UVU when he gets back) has taught me lots of things and has always been kind and funny and he always let me come to his soccer games and played Fifa (a soccer video game) with him and  always involved everyone.Image result for soccerball

Blog Update

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Over Christmas break I stayed home with my family and instead of taking a vacation we just went to places around us.  We went to the Salt Lake temple to see the lights, we went to my great grandma’s house for a Christmas party, we went to the movies and saw Star Wars 8 and the Greatest Showman.  On Christmas we got lots of Nerf guns, three Lego sets, and a new Xbox one.

The book I have chosen to read this term is Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #3 the Ship of the Dead and I chose this book because I have read the first two books and loved them and wanted to keep going with the series.  The author is Rick Riordan (Rick Riordan).  5th-9th grades

My goal is to read more and try new book series that I haven’t read and to try to finish books faster and find books that I like.

End of term blog post

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This term, when I read, I think about how long it took me to read my book, and how I felt like i had enough time to read my book and finish it in time.  I think that I should have read more because I feel like I could have finish faster.

I think that I could have worked harder on my blog posts and turn them in on time.  I like that we typed our blog posts so we don’t have to write them, I also think that they were no that hard but took some work.

I liked that I got to choose any book instead of a book that falls under one genre.  I also liked that I got to choose my project and wasn’t assigned to one.  I would definitely do a different book report project next time to see how it is different and to try something new.  I would also do the project earlier then the days before its due.

If I could restart the term I would do better in all my classes, I would do the same book report book and probably the same project.  I would have done my work faster and worked harder on it and I would have read more then I did.


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My book The Hobbit is a adventure and quest book  and it has man vs. man conflict, man vs. nature conflict, and man vs. the supernatural conflict.  the characters leave the home far away from their goal and journey through mountains, forests and rain to get to their destination.  They also run into orcs, goblins, giant wolfs, trolls, a man that turns into a bear, giant eagles, giant spiders, elf’s and other people.  There are fifteen of them that are traveling together, a wizard, a hobbit, and 13 dwarfs and they are trying to go to the lonely mountain the kingdom of the dwarfs and reclaim it from a dragon named Smaug.

Bilbo Baggins the main character as a couple of times when he has to be courageous and help his friends.  One example of this is when his friends were poisoned by giant spiders and could barely walk and Bilbo fought of the spiders while they slipped away in the opposite direction.  Bilbo also fell into a cave deep inside a mountain where a deadly creature named Gollum lived and fed on unlucky goblins that fell down there and Bilbo used his brain, his sword, and the magic ring he stole from Gollum that turns you invisible and he escaped and caught up with his friends.


symbols and themes

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My book The Hobbit has some important items in it like Thror’s map that leads to a secret entrance that leads into the dwarfs stolen mountain kingdom.  Another important item is the key to the secret door in the mountain kingdom.  There is also the magic ring that turns whoever wears it invisible and the main character Bilbo Baggins currently has the ring.

I would put a picture of the mountain in the background and the wizard, the hobbit, and the dwarfs overlooking it.  I think the main message of my book is that some times you to try new things and that they can be really long and hard but you can’t give up.  I think this book was marketed to boys because it has reddish brown color and the words on the cover are bold and dark brown.

I think one of the themes of my book is the theme of fear because of this line that the main character said at the beginning, “Sorry! I don’t want any adventures, thank you.  Not today.  Good bye!” Bilbo Baggins the main character gets scared a lot in this book but he gets courage and helps his friends survive from spiders, goblins, wargs, (giant evil wolves), and lots of other dangerous things on there long adventure across middle earth  to erebor the kingdom of the dwarfs.


Book Setting

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     The Hobbit Is set in Middle Earth and the characters Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, and their Thirteen dwarf friends go on an adventure from Hobbiton in the South West and then to the North east to the Lonely Mountain.  They travel through forests and mountain and Goblins and Wargs (big evil wolfs) to get to the mountain.

It is late summer when they leave because they have to get to the mountain before the first day of Autumn or they won’t be able to get into the mountain because the secret door will be shut.

It is warm and breezy in the lower places and is normally Rain and thunder storms in mountain passes my book because it is the last days of Summer and fall is coming.  It is cold and dark in the forest of Mirkwood which they travel through to get to the mountain.

They are grumpy and hungry most of the time and the other times they are mostly happy and joyful cheerful and not hungry.  They often get attacked by goblins or wargs that don’t want them reaching the mountain.


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In books there are Major or main characters that move the plot, there are minor characters that can be important but they don’t move the plot, there are static characters that stay the same and the main character depend on them.  There are also dynamic characters that change, there is the protaginist that wnats change and the antaginist that is against change. There is a nemesis that is the undefeatable foe, and the sidekick that everybody likes static.


My characters are Bilbo Baggins is the main character and dynamic but at first he didn’t want to change and go on an adventure, Gandalf the grey is a main character and wanted Bilbo to change and come on an adventuere, Thorin Oakensheild is a main character, and then there are the other 12 dwarfs (besides Thorin) which are sidekicks, minor and static characters.  There is also Azog and Bolg goblins that are hunting the dwarfs, Bilbo and Gandalf because they want to kill Thorin

Declaring my book

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I chose The Hobbit as my book.  I chose this book because my mom recommended it.  I was attracted to this book because I like the movies and I wanted to see what in the book was different from the movie.  We bought a set of books for Christmas with The Hobbit and the three Lord of the Rings books.

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien or J.R.R. Tolkien Is the author of my book, He was born on January 3, 1892 in modern day South Africa and died September 2, 1973 in the United kingdom at the age 81.  He fought in world war 1 as a lieutenant for the British army, he was in the army for five years (1915-1920).  He had four kids who are all dead.  He wrote High Fantasy novels like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

The Hobbit was copyrighted in 1937, 1951, 1966, 1978,  1987, 1995, and 2007.  The Hobbit was first published on September  21, 1937.  The Hobbit was written in 1937 when they still didn’t have the greatest technology so when they copyrighted it later they had better technology.

Some books that are similar to mine are The Lord of the rings series. The books genre is high fantasy, and I like this book because I started reading it and it turned out to be better than I thought it would.

The reading level is 12 and up, the grade level is 7 and up, and it has 300 pages.

Parent teacher conference

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Dear Mom and Dad, I am reading the Hobbit for my book report book and.  During the 20 minutes in class we have for reading I read the Hobbit a high fantasy novel.  I read for 90 to 100%  of the time and I read about 5 to 6 pages every time.  I am on page 132 out of 276, I have 144 pages left and I have 24 days until it is due which means I have to read six pages a day, (Declaring my book).  

During class I am on task and ready to learn and help those around me.  I work as hard as I can and try to finish on time so my assignments are on time and my grade doesn’t go down.  I read when I am supposed to read and work when I am supposed to work

I have good grades but I have to finish one assignment in this class and I should be back up to an A.  I like this class and I like my book The Hobbit and I like to read.

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