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Dear Mom and Dad, I am reading the Hobbit for my book report book and.  During the 20 minutes in class we have for reading I read the Hobbit a high fantasy novel.  I read for 90 to 100%  of the time and I read about 5 to 6 pages every time.  I am on page 132 out of 276, I have 144 pages left and I have 24 days until it is due which means I have to read six pages a day, (Declaring my book).  

During class I am on task and ready to learn and help those around me.  I work as hard as I can and try to finish on time so my assignments are on time and my grade doesn’t go down.  I read when I am supposed to read and work when I am supposed to work

I have good grades but I have to finish one assignment in this class and I should be back up to an A.  I like this class and I like my book The Hobbit and I like to read.

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