A Monster Calls

Title: A Monster Calls

Genre: Fantasy

Author: Patrick Ness

This story takes place in the U.K. with a boy named Connor who lives with his mum, just the two of them, but not for long. Conor has the same repeating nightmare of Conor holding his mom over a cliff and holding for dear life, but he always has the nightmare after getting eaten alive by the monster that forms out of the yew tree beyond his backyard. Conors mom has been diagnosed with cancer and has been fighting it for quite some time, Conors Grandma often comes over to help his mom and Conor sense his mom can’t. In Conors Nightmare, the monster becomes more real when Conor starts finding Yew tree berries and leaves scattered across his room. He soon starts meeting the monster every day at 12:07, and the monster starts telling Conor stories that don’t mean much to him. But the monster tells Conor that in order for the monster to go away, Conor needs to tell him his truth, this confuses Conor but when he realizes what it is, he can’t bare to tell the monster. Conors dad comes to try to help Conor realize his moms gonna die.



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