Max Abandoned his family

I think it would’ve been okay for Max to leave if his family didn’t want to go, and he did. But in this situation, Max left his family when they all wanted to but couldn’t and he just left them knowing they would die without telling them. I think that was really wrong, and he should feel really bad. The honest, courageous, brave thing to do is to die with his family or hide and survive with them. It was really selfish and cowardly to leave his family and just saved himself, he was very anxious and afraid and wouldn’t be able to live with himself.

Deep Thinker 2.1

Source: Michael Vey Rise of the Elgen, by Richard Paul Evans. page 62

Quote: “Don’t be dramatic, sweetie. I’m not killing him. I’m just making him wish he were dead. Dr. Hatch gave us instructions to bring him back alive-like an animal to be put in a zoo. And yes, miss Ridley, you will do whatever I want.

Context: Michael, Taylor, and the Electro clan have been captured and kidnapped by the Elgen  and Michael is trying to resist an electric shock that goes through his body and is controlled by a microscopic chip they shot into everyone.

This Makes Me Think: The Elgen guard is super confident, like he knows she’ll do whatever he wants, he’s being kind of cocky and maybe trying to show everyone the authority he has, and he’s maybe showing off to make himself look better. I Think the only threat the guard is to everyone is the app he uses to shock everyone, and that makes him think he has authority.

Word Nerd 2.6

Source: Michael Vey rise of the Elgen, by Richard Paul Evans, page 201

Context: The Inside of the boat was lit with a warm, green luminance from our glow.

In their words: the state or quality of being luminous.

In my words: the object or thing is glowing like a light.

Word nerd 2.5

Source: Michael Vey rise of the Elgen, by Richard Paul Evans, page 194

Context: You will ride the boat up the Rio Madres de Dios, a tributary of the Amazon river, and will be let out in the jungle near the Elgen compound.

In Their words: a stream that flows to a larger stream or other body of water.

In my words: a river that leads into a lake, the ocean, or a bigger river.

On stealing

In the book, The book thief, by Markus Zusak, Liesel and her friend Rudy have a joined a stealing gang that steals mostly food but other stuff too. Stealing can be wrong if you were to steal from an innocent citizen who hasn’t done anything wrong or against you, but lets say you were to steal from criminals or someone who makes fun of you or someone you care about, that’s kind of like getting them back which is kind of fun for them. Or if they steal from someone who stole form them or stole from someone else. I think in this situation that would be acceptable for Liesel and Rudy.

Word Nerd 2.4

Source: Michael Vey Rise of the Elgen, Richard Paul Evans page 185

Context: His amplified screaming echoed through the entire hall for less than a minute, leaving the men silent.

In their words: to make larger, greater, or stronger; enlarge; extend.

In my words: something large or growing larger through time

Word Nerd 2.3

Source: Michael Vey Rise of the Elgen, by Richard Paul Evans page 185

Context: “Governors and magistrates will bow at your feet and clean your boots with their tongues.”

In their words: a civil officer charged with the administration of the law.

In my words: A type of high officer that works for the government.

Are Books Dangerous?

I think the Nazis and Germans are strict about books and book reading because they don’t want the citizens to get the wrong idea about communism and Jews, or other things. Books could talk against communism and the word would spread that communism isn’t good and there could be a revolution or something. Some books could talk about Jews and people might want to help hide and become friends with Jews which the German Government also doesn’t want. Books seem to persuasive and dangerous to the Germans because they want every thing to stay how it is with the people on their side.


The Book Thief so far

After going through one hundred pages in this book, I think it’s really unique. In a way that, I don’t know another book that has an immortal ‘being’ like death narrating and speaking for the story, it took me a few dozen pages till I realized the narrator was death, and the quote, “I am a result,” made me think what the narrator was and then I realized it was death. I think that the author (Markus Zusak) does a super good job as of being able to put pictures in the readers mind, and he does a good job of setting the book in Germany during WWII, not a lot of authors can do that and get it right.  I really like how he does the characters and he we can relate to the characters. So I think I like how the book is written but the story’s confusing.

Word nerd 2.2

Source: Michael Vey- -Rise of the Elgen by Richard Paul Evans. Page 125

Context: “I wonder how I could measure the amps of one of those,” Ostin said, settling into the lounge chair to my left.

In their words: to excite or energize

In my words: To boost something with electricity, or measure it

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