On Stealing

Technically, stealing is not socially acceptable. But many would argue that Liesel is justified to be doing so as she pleases. Lots of us would argue that she’s struggling and she deserves more than she has. As for me, I think it could go either way. The first time she stole a book was when she was very young. She didn’t know any better. But the book has told us that she stoleĀ A Gravedigger’s Handbook as a means to remember her family that left her behind. At that time I think it was more justified than it wasn’t. Listen, Liesel was able to “steal” the book because it was left behind. The previous owner had dropped it and Liesel had picked it up. I wouldn’t necessarily call this “stealing,” and would consider it more of simply taking a possession that someone clearly cared less of. I think that stealing is more of taking something from someone, knowing that it is still in their full possession and they still care about whatever that thing is. But if it was something that was thrown out or forgotten and someone happened to find it and decide they wanted to keep it, that appears to me as an entirely different story.

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