An authority on courage and integrity

I am going to pick Ethan Adamson because he is a really nice person who would choose to do the right thing almost every time. Ethan would say something like ” If you don’t know if its the right thing, then why did you come to me for help?” And after a little while he would finally help out and say ” You need to know for yourself that it is the right thing to do and then you go and do it, no matter what anyone says to you, you do what you think the right thing is.” Okay, he may not say it in exactly those words, but that is the message he is trying to get across to the person he is talking to. He would probably do same thing and just say what he thought was right and not back down from that. Ethan would be very helpful here. this isn’t really Ethan but he wouldn’t let me take a picture of him.

Blind Spots

I think that the people that where going to lynch Tom Robinson would have a bad reputation because of what they chose to do. It was completely wrong of them for what they where going to do and they are now considered bad people. I agree with Atticus that they are still good people with blind spots, but I think that is a pretty big blind spot and that this will ruin there whole reputation. I don’t think that ever going and killing someone in cold blood is ever explainable and that there is never a reason to do it. And there reason for going and killing him is terrible. I think that they could still be good people, but there reputation is going to be ruined for a little while and they will have to try to be good people again and get people to see past what they just did.


I think that you should still try if you know you are going to lose. I know some people that will just not do whatever they where going to do just because they think they are going to lose. But I think that no doing is worse than trying and then losing. For my hockey team, we have lost a lot of games. So we go into a lot of games and I think a lot of us think we have no chance playing against the top team that beats other teams 10-1. So they look at those scores and think we don’t have a chance. And even if that is true, I don’t think it is, we have a chance against every team, we still go and play those games. And we don’t just play for fun, knowing we are going to lose, we try to win. And even though we may not win every game, we still try every game, and I think that is what matters to me the most. So yes, it is worth trying even if you know you are going to lose.

Climbing into another person’s skin

I think climbing into another person’s skin means to see what is going on through there eyes, what there perspective is. I think that it basically means, see it how they are seeing it first before you judge them. This will make it so you see lots of other peoples opinions and maybe won’t argue with them as much. You could see how they are thinking about it first, and maybe you will agree with them and will not argue with them and you will get along better. I think this whole idea is pretty interesting. It makes sense that you have to see through some one else point of view first so that you don’t just think you are right and that is the end of the conversation. I think that everyone should do this and try to put them self in another person’s skin before you make your decision on what is right.

Beliefs and actions

I honestly think the whole belief window thing is pretty dumb. In the article it says that we see everything through this window, but I feel like it depends on the situation. I know that some people change their beliefs based on who they are with, what they are doing, and where they are. To me it all comes down the the situation that you are in. If it said that you have multiple windows you see through based on the situation, I would like it more. I do think it is important to know what your beliefs are. You should know if someone says something you don’t believe so that you can stay with what you think is right. I think beliefs are made based on experiences. Like if you played a game of soccer, and you were really bad, then you might start to believe you are bad at soccer. I think it is important to know what your beliefs are and that they come from experiences.

The End Is Half Way Upon Us!

I feel like I have done pretty good this year so far. Last year I got a C in English, but this year I have gotten an A and a B, so I feel like i improved. Either that, or this class is easier than my English last year. But I still feel like I did pretty good. I have past how many books I read in all of last year already, I have 17, and I have been reading a lot more. But I feel like I have been reading around the same amount, like fifteen minutes before class, and like half an hour to around an hour every night before I go to bed. Maybe I am just a faster reader, but I don’t know. I feel like I have been reading books at the same speed. But I feel like I have had a really good year so far, and I want to carry that over into next term.

1% gain

1% Gain


If there was one are that I would have a one percent gain, I think it would be sleeping. I always come to school tired and for at least the first two periods I am super tired and can’t concentrate very well. During third period I am more awake, but then at fourth period I start to get tired again. Even right now I am tired. So I think that I could improve by going to bed earlier. I usually get into my bed around like 9:30, but don’t usually fall asleep until around 11:00 because I stay up reading my book and I don’t get as much sleep because of this. And to make things worse I joined Jazz Band this year so I have to get up earlier in the morning so I get even less sleep. But I think that if I go to bed earlier and get more sleep my day will be better and I will be less tired.

Writing Realizations

Something that I have noticed while we have been writing these stories is that I can make some interesting stories. And I don’t know if it is a good interesting, or a bad interesting. In some of my stories, they start out normal, just like it is going to be any other story, but then at the end the story takes a weird turn and everything is different and it can’t go back. But usually I like these parts of my story and think they are funny, and when I tell my friends I can make them laugh, and I think that is something I am going for when I have written these stories, is just to get someone to laugh. I like to wright, and I like to make things funny because I enjoy things the most when they are funny, and I feel like lots of people do as well, so that is what I do.

Literature review

My story was about Bracken the Fish. He was a curious fish who lived in the aquarium without a family so he lived with his friend Blake. Both of the fish wanted to go see the sharks, but the problem facing the characters in the story is that Blake is to big to go through the pipe to get to the shark tank. Something the author did well was making characters. Bracken was a curious, deep thinking fish who thought about the weirdest things, like how could a fish cry underwater? Although you may not see Blake in the story a whole bunch, you can tell that he is kind of sensitive. When they can’t get him to go through the pipe to see the sharks, he swims away crying and won’t try again. Something I think the author needs to work on is building suspense. None of the parts that could have been suspenseful were actually suspenseful. I think that is one thing he could work on. At the start of the story I think this could be just another little kids book. But at the end it kind of takes a dark turn and isn’t for little kids anymore, so I don’t know what age group would read it. I would give this story a seven out of ten stars.

Tell me about it

Right now I am thinking about the map test in geography I have next period. It is on Latin America, and Mrs. Philip says it is supposed to be the easiest map test we have all year long, but I haven’t studied very much, so I don’t feel very prepared for the test. I am going to try to study during viking time after English, and hopefully I get a good score on the test. I didn’t study very much for the states and capitals test earlier this year, and I did decent on that test, so hopefully I can just do good on this one as well. But it kind of sucks because I was worrying about this test last night while I was studying it. I was getting ready to take the test, and I still felt unprepared! I just wish I had spent more time studying for the test. The picture right here is even the same one I used to study last night.