so mine and francesa project was on photography and cinematography.   Why I chose this project was because I am passionate for it photography and also another thing is that I just really love the way the pictures look like at the end. I also want to say that I had benefited Francesa with the end of our project. So most of our work began at school we would ask certain people if they could stay after with us to help in the video. Also it wasn’t  as easy as I thought it would be so it did take some to get some people to come after school and help us with. Also there were some scenes at my place and that only took one day but if I have to be honest most of our scenes took place  at school. We also did need a lot of people to help us with our project be a we needed actors and people who could act. At times during our filming we did have to take a long time to get it right and sometimes the actors would fool around when we where trying to get it done with and that just got me kinda annoyed I would say and just kinda frustrated with them as well. Also I know I have been saying this lately but Francesca and I have not really followed what we planned at the end it turned out I guess ok but it wasn’t perfect for me at least. I think what I would’ve wanted to go differently was to actually do what we had originally wanted to do in the first place. Because I feel like it would’ve been better in away like it would’ve not really have it to be explained a lot so ya. But over all what really mattered at the end was that we got it done one to and that was a success. What I wanted to share also was that I learned so much from this project first of all I have learned to waste time good because if you don’t then you probably will end up with nothing at all to present. Also that it’s really hard to do my project with Francesca because we didn’t always have the time to come together and for me especially it was hard at that point. Also I was there for the showcase i was kinda nervous to talk in front of everyone but I got it and I started to explain what was about so ya.