what i dont know about the people in this class

i dont think that we know anything about the people in are class. but i dont think that we know there story or there color of there underwear. we might not know that they have depression or some other thing like that. they might have two broken legs but there a bad A and they walk around on it all the time it could be anything that we could think of in our heads. they might have a lazy eye that they had fixed just so that they wouldn’t get made fun of

work will work when wishy washy wishing will not

well i wanted to have a 4.0 but sports crushed my dreams in that so, my next goal was that i would be the best student i could be. i thought that i did a pretty good job at being a good kid for the most part. ive done really crappy this year on grades and some other stuff. i got good at English thanks to Mr Green he helped me out a ton so that i could get an A in his class witch i am thankful for. got good grades this last term because im out of sports know so i can not miss as much



What makes a person great

well i think that what it takes to make a person great is like what i look for in girls sort of a few things are different. but what i look for in girls are that they have a kind heart and a fun personality and a working personality. i think a great person needs to have a few things like that to have the right to be called a great person. because what i look for in a girls should be what i look for a great person because i need to marry one.


To Kill a Mockingbird Review

Well the book i think that they want to teach us about. how the kids act like adults and not like kids. and i think the character atticus was the middle man in the book that he is on both the side of the black man and the white man at the same time. the book is about how black people are treated so differently then the white people in the community. and how i think that the readers have received this book is like we need to think how good we have it that we dont really need to worry about racism as much as we had too.


I think that the film did a ok job on following the book but there were a few lines and other things that made sense in the book that they left out in the movie, witch i think they should have added some more lines in the movie that were in the book specifically. the movie takes out some of the fight in the fighting seen witch i thought that they need to keep just because the rest of the books kinda boring but that part is intense so they needed to keep that line in the movie as well as in the book.

Real Courage

i think the definition of courage is when you put someones life in front of yours. when you help when your time is already taken up but you have the courage to know that because of your good deed you will find the time to do that other thing. well i think mine and atticus definition of courage are very similar. in a few ways we hit some of the same points. and when he says that its not with a man a gun i think that is so true they hide behind a gun thats a sign of no courage.


i think we should try to defend the black person because there people too. i would sacrifice everything exepet my family because family is first. but we should defend blacks because they have rights to some things but the people want to take that away too. i think it is worth it to lose and have the respect of the black community and there trust that you tried your best. i would sacrifice quite a lot of my time and resources to helping out someone in need. but the conditions are that my family would not get any of the kick back from helping them win.

to kill a Mockingbird

i really like the caricatures i think they are kinda funny. i like how resembles my child hood kinda in a way we had a scary labor that we all hated and i had a big tree with a tree house so i can relate to this book that  way. i think the reason that this is one of the greats is that it has its horror and its drama and it is what america looked like in 1930 ish. well i think it is doing a good job at living up to the hype . they did a really good job on this book.


Climbing into other peoples skin

What i think Atticus means is that you dont know where they came from. what he meant was that he wants us to know there perspective on things. When they say that you need to step into other peoples skin it is a metaphor because they want us to see that you dont know what there feeling and how they see things. like how the teacher it’s her first day with first graders in a new class and ect…  sometimes i try to do it when i see someone is hurt or something like that but i would never get into someones skin if you know what i mean.


empathy is when you need someone to know what your feeling. i think you need empathy sometimes like when you need to get out of wrestling but your mom has never seen it and she makes you go. that when i think you need empathy the most. well there was this one time when right befor practice the coach said that we need to not practice but we need to work on homework instead so we can all wrestle the next week. so i think that the coach showed a lot of empathy for the team that day when he stopped practice and let us work on school work.

2nd semester

well i did good at staying committed to my work. I did a good job at getting help before and after school when ever i needed it. i did really good on the essay because i came in and got help. I suck at writing so i think i need help with writing in general. like my grammar is not very good because i’m not very good at writing. and i’m not the best reader or listener i have a hard time with those things. i want to get better at writing and be able to write a good assay  with as little help as possible