March 11

Books to Read

I’m not going to make you work for this one. I’ve given you enough trouble for once. This is my freebie for knowledge should never be restricted. This is a list of books that ya’ll should read. I have loved them and I hope you will too. The ones that are in purple are some of my even more favorites. (if you haven’t read these I pity you because I can’t joke about them around you which is sad.)

A Hero’s Guide to Saving your Kingdom- This is so funny its not funny, laugh your guts out, die of laughter, I can’t breathe any more series. Need I say any more?

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Lemony Snicket- These are really sad so don’t read if you are emotional when reading but other than that they are soooooo good and the books are better than the TV series. About three siblings who are orphaned within the first few pages of the book, they must find someone to take care of them, somewhere to belong. In the first book they are stuck with Count Olaf who is after their fortune. A crazy plot ensues and the Baulderes must figure out what it is-and stop it.

A Wrinkle in Time- A battle of the books and multiple award winner, I’m not the only one in love. This is a book about a girl who ends up traveling the cosmos and in her own small way, stopping a horrible darkness. If you haven’t read this I feel sorry for you. (the movie is horrible by the way, and I’m not just saying it, it was really bad)

Artemis Fowl– A rich kid who is too smart for his own good messes with fairies, ending up abducting none other than Holly of the LEPrechaun unit. Bad idea. Very bad idea. The first one was good but weirdly enough I liked the next few more if for no other reason than the factor that they focus on Artemis a little bit more than the first book. I love the world with the way that magic and science coincide and I’ll be honest, I really like Artemis. And Holly is pretty cool.  Anyway totally worth your time. (I also cried at the end, but in my defense, things really started looking bleak there for a moment and I was tired.) P.S. The movie was actually okay. It was better than Percy Jackson anyway. They got the important stuff in so I’m happy. But they killed off his mom who is awesome. Warning: it was an interesting mash up of the first two books. But it was good.

Aru Shah and the end of time- Funny Hindu mythology. Like really funny Hindu mythology. Aru likes Home Depot and Lord of the Rings and saves the world in Spiderman PJs. What’s not to love?

Atherton-Honestly these books are some of the strange ones on this list but I love them all the same. It is about a kid who lives on a world with three tiers and an upper and lower class people. He  climbs the cliffs between his tier and the top one at night looking for a book even though he can’t read. Later he enlists the help of one of the upper class people who can read and all chaos breaks out as they try to save their beloved home. This is sci-fi at both its strangest and its best.

Alcatraz v.s. The Evil Librarians– Brandon Sanderson- A really funny book that is about, as the name suggests, is about a kid named Alcatraz (like the prison) and a cult of evil librarians. Add in a Talent for breaking things, one cranky knight and one very strange grandfather and you get the idea. I love this series to death. And the narrative is nothing short of amazing. Seriously though I have read this thing twice and loved it even more the second time. This is one of the four series/books I have finished sobbing. That means it is a good book. You have to read this.  

All the Wrong Questions – Lemony Snicket- (read asoue first it will make more sense) Man these books are good but are more of mystery than the first. They star everybody’s favorite narrator as he tries to figure out what is going on in a small town Stain’d by the Sea. 

Beyonders – Brandon Mull- Worth reading the first book but went downhill from there. About a kid who gets stranded in another dimension, and ends up teaming up with another kid from our world, Rachel, to find the syllables of a word that can stop the tyrant ruling the continent. 

Dragon Slippers-Jessica Day George- Though it is a little slow, a strong girl heroine and dragons make a great read.

Dragon Pearl- Korean mythology in space oh yeah!

Dealing with Dragons- One of my favorites if a little slow. Was battle of books one year

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library- A timeless modern classic with plenty of puzzles.

Fablehaven– Another great book by Brandon Mull.

Gods and Warriors-All I have to say about this is that it was pretty cool. It is all based on bronze age Greece and was very fun and entertaining to read.

Gregor the Overlander- Susan Collins- I thought these were really good. They deal with war and listening to the advice of people who died a long time ago and that are supposedly “smart.” It is about a boy who follows his sister down a hole into an underground populated by people at war. The boy must find his father and fulfill a prophecy.

Harry Potterif you haven’t read this I feel sorry for you

Holes-a clever book about a kid who digs holes

Horizon-about kids who plane crash in a jungle in the arctic. It only gets weirder from there.  

Keeper of the lost cities-Shannon Messenger- they are about a girl who finds out she is an elf with lots of crazy mind powers. Mystery and intrigue follow as not one but two secret societies start to harass her. They are huge and more are being written but so worth it. So worth it. And they are pretty funny which is a plus. 

Magisterium– Some of the best books ever like an elemental Harry Potter. (in a really good way) The first book is called the Iron Trial. It is about a kid whose dad hates magic but despite the kid’s best efforts he gets admitted to magic school for his own good. There he starts to realize that there is something his dad is hiding from him-something big. Who is he really?

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard-funny Norse demigods 

Mark of the Thief- heart wrenchingly awesome Romans

Michael Veyanother great read about a kid that controls electricity. 

Pillage-A good book if a little slow. Is about a kid who moves in with his uncle and discovers that his family can control plants. The downside is that they are cursed to summon havoc wreaking dragons and go mad or get eaten by the dragons in the process. It had a good plot twist and the sequels weren’t half bad. Well worth your time.

Percy Jackson and the OlympiansYou need to read this! (For the record the movie was horrible so don’t even bother)

Searching for Super- about kids who get almost useless superpowers and there search for their real superpowers me and my brother love this series and he does not read much

Skyward-Brandon Sanderson- Really interesting concept and a really good book. (Maybe I just like Brandon Sanderson books but it was good)

Smile- a great graphic novel

Spirit Animals- only read the first 12 after that they are dumb

Spy School– by Stuart Gibbs- One of the greatest books of all time. It is pretty self-explanatory and isn’t exactly a new idea, but lends itself to predictability the entire time. This book is the first in a series and as they continue they get even more die of a heart attack funny. 

Storm runner- Aztec/Mayan mythology was really good and creative.

The Alchemist- Despite what the book cover says, this book has very little to do with the famous Nicholas Flamel from Harry Potter. I liked it anyway. About some twins of destiny who can mess with the elements the plot itself isn’t brand new. But the world is. The Flamels must get the book back that contains the recipe for the elixir of immortality before the end of the month. The twins end up with them and several mythological figures appear throughout. They were pretty good and the last one had an amazing plot twist. Totally worth reading.

The Book Thief– I have finished four books sobbing. This was one of them. You’ll notice that this is about the only historical fiction book on this list. Think about that for a second. Seriously though, if you haven’t read this book then I am begging you to do so. It was amazing and a life changing book. It is about a girl living in Germany during the start of WWll. She moves in with a foster family and starts stealing books, for one reason or another. This book is pure poetry in both words and in the story itself. I can name few books that are as life changing as this one. Read it or else.

The Candy Shop War- yet another great book by Brandon Mull

The City Of Ember– A really good book about a girl who lives in a city that is “dying” and must find a way to escape. 

The False PrinceThe first book was suspenseful and amazing but the rest of the series sucked.

The Five Kingdoms- good but after awhile they kind of get old but then the 4th one was amazing but please read the Beyonders first.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret-I love this book so much I can’t explain it. The illustrations are amazing too. All you really need to know is that there is a boy and a clockwork automan he is trying to fix because it might contain one last message from his late father. The movie was amazing too which I don’t say too often.

The Inventor’s Secret-Chad Morris- about twins from the future they have to find their missing famous grandpa when he goes missing

The Kane Chronicles- Egyptian mythology actually quite interesting.

The Last Musketeer- About a kid who goes back in time after an incident with a magic wish granting amulet. From there he teams up with the three musketeers to save his parents, while trying to get back the amulet so he can go home. A good story with a good villain, this book is a must read for anybody who likes to learn about the past.

The Mapmakers seriesA little slow but the ending of the last book made me cry. About a girl who lives in a world where all the time periods have been flung across the continents. Sophia lives in New Occident, a place reminiscent of the thirteen original colonies, and the Badlands is a mixture of several. She teams up with a kid from the badlands named Theo and sets out to find her missing uncle, the great caratographer and explorer Shadrack Elli. Soon the group is chased by some scary men with scars and grappling hooks and must figure out the secret of the glass map before it is too late. 

The Maze Runner- Was super good but only the first two

The Mysterious Benedict Society– About four capable kids with plenty of riddles to go around.

The Reckoners-Brandon Sanderson- I might just be a Brandon Sanderson fan, but this is one of my favorites of his. It is about a kid named David who lives in a dystopianish world where Epics (evil people with powers) rule and run wild. His dad was murdered by the reining epic, Steelheart, and David vows revenge. Long story short, a plan is hatched to team up with the Recknors, basically Epic assassins, and reclaim the city from the Epics. But not everything is as it seems and not everyone is who they say they are. This book is one of my all time favorites and is a lot less bloody then it sounds. And they are pretty funny which is a total bounus.  

The Rithmatist-Brandon Sanderson- A good mystery, disguised as fantasy, this is another score by Brandon Sanderson. For once the main character doesn’t have super powers and other characters have a chance to show off. Magic chalk, missing persons, and misfit main characters (or rather quite ordinary ones anyway) what isn’t to love?

The Secret Series– About 2 weird kids who must save someone who has been kidnapped. Creative and funny, you can’t miss this. This is one of my all time favorites. 

The Time Travelers- A pretty good book about some kids from the 21st century who get stuck in 1763. A very fun read, with wonderful characters.

The 39 CluesI love the characters in here. And the story itself was amazing. It is about a brother sister duo, Amy and Dan, who are given a choice between a million dollars each or the first clue to a treasure that can make you the most powerful person on earth, at therir late grandmother’s funeral. Of course they pick the clue and a crazy chase across seven continents, pursued by some despicable family members. The spin offs weren’t half bad either. 

The Unwanteds– Arteme forever! Seriously though, these are some of my favorites.

Way of Kings-Brandon Sanderson-It is about three main characters. Kaladin is a slave who has a history. Some call him stormblessed but he gets everyone he tries to save killed. He is more stormcursed than stormblessed. Shallan is a girl with a mission: save her family. She is trying to become apprenticed to a famous scholar but not for the reason you think she is. The king was murdered and now Dalinor fights a war to avenge his brother. But he is starting to question if it is really worth fighting. Just be warned that the sequel was more of a young adult book then the first one. 

Wings of FireI got everyone addicted. Your turn! Dragons and prophecies. You really should read it. 

York- Good steampunk cipher fun with a pretty awesome plot twist.