December 5

What’s This Have To Do With Me?

I know a lot of women can relate somehow to “Jury of Her Pears” even today, but what does it have to do with everybody in general? If you simplify the idea even smaller, everybody can probably relate to the idea of not being listened to. When the women would speak up, the men usually made fun of them in a low key kind of way, so they kept all their findings to themselves. I don’t know about you, but I can relate to adults, friends, and even family not listening to me because of how young I am or that I’m not interesting enough. Eventually I kept a lot of things to myself because they wouldn’t listen anyway. It’s not a nice thing to feel this way, but somehow everybody does. If we all were a little more open minded and listened a little bit more, I think we’d find the number of people relating to this to slowly decline. So, if you take away anything from reading this, listen to people and learn to be open minded. Kinda common sense that nobody has.

December 5

The Story I Liked The Most

I think that I liked Harrison Bergeron the most. If you’ve never read it, I’ll give a short summary. Basically it’s a dystopian story where everybody is equal, but it’s not what you’re thinking. Everybody is punished for their talents, making everybody average. People are miserable- wearing ugly masks, having to use ugly voices, and wearing weights all around their bodies. Harrison Bergeron was taken away for being “dangerous” which means he was really strong, smart, and handsome, so they took him away. He escaped and goes this this place with a lot of people explaining how we should embrace our differences pretty much. Everybody didn’t know what to do, but he gets shot and everybody goes back to their normal lives. I thought everybody would listen and that everybody to overrule the law if they worked together, but no. Of course not. He was 14 in the written story. I connected with this story, because the younger generation tends not to be listened to because they’re young and impressionable. Some of us have exceptional arguments, but since we’re to young, we get glossed over like it didn’t exist. Harrison Bergeron wasn’t listened to either and he was practically erased from every bodies minds after the incident. Everything went to the usual, without a thought of the ideas he had and the statements he was trying to make. I loved how the author actually didn’t give me the ending I was thinking of. Everybody went back to normal and I was wondering where the ending was. It was very abrupt and I kinda like that. His similes in the story were really executed well. When he explained how Harrison and the ballerina were dancing, it was like I was there and it felt magical. The author did really well with this story, I think.

November 26

The Good Stuff

Not gonna lie, I am grateful for so many things. Ill just talk about a few, though. One thing high on my list is family. Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday and I owe that to my immediate and extended family. Every year, we have a thanksgiving party at our house with almost everyone on my mum’s side. Everybody has the best time in the world getting crazy and laughing really hard. I help make the food with all of my aunts and some uncles. My family is literally the best when it comes to Thanksgiving, camping, and all around. I always get excited around Thanksgiving because you just can’t beat what my family offers. Another thing I’m grateful for is Thanksgiving break. I haven’t had any free time to do things I enjoy like art, reading, and long boarding, because of the assignments. I put homework in front of those things, which is a good thing, but I’m a little burnt out. Now I’ll have five days to recover and enjoy sleeping in, hanging with friends, and not worrying about what’s due the next day. I love a lot of my classes, but having a lot of work in all of them is a little overwhelming. I am grateful for the people in my life. My best friends, even though I may not have a lot, they are there for me and I appreciate them with every fiber in my bean. Last, but not least, I am grateful for my dogs. You have no idea how much someone is attached to their dog, even if you have one. Everyone is different. My oldest dog won’t be alive in a couple of years, so I have to include him for being there every step of my childhood. My second and youngest dog is my little sidekick who I could never leave behind. Not to be dramatic, but I would die for both of them and I gladly stand by that. I had a rough year this year, but these dogs kept me going the most. Well, I’ve written a lot, so I’ll leave on a high note. I am grateful to be alive, even though it REALLY may not seem like it sometimes.

November 22

“Everybody Was Finally Equal”

In the story we just read, everybody was punished for be exceptional. You wouldn’t think that we were this bad as a society, but in ways we kinda are. Mr. Green told us about a kid who had a real talent for reading, but was pushed so far to his limit with insults that he just stopped. He wouldn’t tell a single soul about his amazing talent, because us as a society were punishing him for doing something he liked and excelled at. Yes, we don’t put people with stutters on television to read the news like the story, but it still is there, hiding beneath every bodies noses and we all except it unfortunately.  People should be praised for their accomplishments and abilities in our society and in the story, instead of being forced by society to be limited with their abilities. I feel embarrassed for our community sometimes because people act so childish and act out of jealously and anger that someone is better at something, instead of congratulating them and bringing everybody up. I feel like we should go against the grain of the hair that we are use to and be uplifting to people in general, just like Harrison tried to do in the story. Be happy with your differences, and celebrate with others that are different.

October 31

Suspense and Word Choice Story

The class turns cold before I know it. I have an hour exact. Before I know it I’m grabbing and splashing glaze everywhere. My hand waving as fast as a cheetah racing its prey, my heart pumping blood into the veins of my hands, my body filled with so much adrenaline I think I might explode. 30 minutes turns into 30 seconds as I race the clock down to the very last second. Black begins to fill my eyes as I glaze each crack and crevice multiple times. With only 20 minutes left to complete my sculpture, my legs fall asleep. I go faster and faster as I see the time slip from my fingers. My mind goes fuzzy, my body goes tingly, and my mind falls flat as the last second drops to 0. “Ding! Ding!” The bell rings. I sit there with utter amazement for I finished right before the deadline. I stride confidently with my slabs glazed to perfection and I slowly put them on the done shelf. I, Jordyn Asher, have amazed myself today.

October 25

“Free! Body and soul free!”

There are so many situations in which anybody can feel trapped, hopeless, etc. Firstly, there’s situations based off of your outward appearance, self esteem, or mental issues. I know for a fact that a lot of people suffer with this because if you pay close attention, you can get an estimate. People who don’t have any of these, I applaud you; you did it. But for other people, you can feel trapped in your body because you for example don’t feel skinny enough or feel underweight and “to skinny.” Some people who are transgender/non-binary can feel low when they can’t transition fully or feel to much like the gender they are uncomfortable in. Self esteem goes hand in hand with outward appearance for most and when you don’t feel good about your appearance, you often don’t have the best self esteem. Another issue, mental. Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and many other mental disorders can’t be fixed by just saying “cheer up” or “ignore it.” People feel trapped when they feel that they can’t get the help that they need for whatever reason. Maybe they feel like they’re being over dramatic or that it doesn’t matter. News flash, it does and everyone matters in some way or another and it’s really cheesy, but you have a purpose. Anyways, some ways to overcome these things is maybe considering therapy, reaching out even if you’re afraid, and learning to love yourself. It’s a really long struggle to have any issue in which you feel trapped, but you just gotta wait for the day to come where you have the epiphany that, you do in fact matter.

October 16

1st Term Business

1st term is almost officially over and I am now pretty confident in this class. I have a friend group and I completer all of my assignments with passing grades. And if one doesn’t have a passing grade, I fix it and work hard to get a 4 on every assignment. I give this class my best effort every time I walk into the room. Some of my greatest successes in this class so far is reading every day and keeping up with the 50 book challenge. I will say that my reading has gone up a little more every day since August, because I was motivated by Mr. Green to read. I’ve read some okay books and great books; none of them being bad so far. I think I can improve on commenting on peoples posts, engaging in conversation more in their comments. I can always improve on reading, so that’s one of my goals for next term. I want to read more next term than I did this term. I’m proficient at reading right now, but there’s always room for improvement and I’m excited for next terms reading. One more thing I have a goal for in next term is to ask questions when I have them, even if I think they’re stupid. I have a struggle with that in a lot of my classes so it’s more for every class, not just this one. I actually do pretty okay with that in this class, but I still need to improve. Those are three of my goals for next term.

October 10

Technology: Friend or Foe?

I had multiple opinions on this issue. Does it help us live a happier, fuller, healthier life? It can and it can’t. You can find online friends and have a deep relationship with them and not have many friends in the “real” world and that is totally fine. Maybe you tried to make meaningful connections, but the ones that clicked were online. They can enrich your life for the better. You can find information and do assignments online, instead of cutting down trees for paper. So, it’s arguably better for the environment in that area. Yes, you are in control until you can’t help yourself. You need to learn to have control with technology, and that’s where it get’s a bad reputation. A lot of people tend to not have a good grasp on the “control” I’m talking about, so it does damage their lives. Yes, enjoy the opportunities around you, but don’t be on your technology, making you miss those experiences. For example, don’t be on your phone during dinner, even if your in the middle of a conversation with someone. Instead, focus on who is in front of you now. They could be a good thing in your life and you shouldn’t miss it for a conversation with someone online. Not in that scenario. You absolutely should have balance. Balance is the key and you can choose to abuse it, or nurture it. Technology has the ability to be dangerous for human beings if leaned toward that way, but if we, as a community, do our best to lean it to the greater good, I think we’ll all be fine in the long run. If you find yourself being mentally unstable or emotionally unstable because of the internet, it’s NOT worth it. Give yourself a well needed break to regain a good health mentally, emotionally, and physically. If there’s one thing you should get from reading this, it’s that you should have balance between technology and real life, encourage your friends and family to have balance in that same area, and have a healthier life and relationships with technology AND in the real world.

October 8

The First Story I Read

I was assigned to read a short story that goes by the name of “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury. It starts off in the middle of a conversation, so it immediately has the power to pull you in. The main character is this girl who had moved to Venus, along with the rest of the world I assume, about five years ago. On the planet Venus, it rains all day long, everyday, so everybody who lives there are pretty much compounded in their own homes. In my opinion, rain gives me a gloomy feeling, because the skies are grey and don’t have much natural light to show the world around you. They had to deal with that for several years. I say several years, because once every seven years, the sun shows for an uncertain amount of time. Everybody tries to enjoy it, because it doesn’t stay for long. The conversation at the very start of the story is telling you a conversation between two kids asking when the sun was suppose to come out that day, with very brief one- worded answers. In the story, it talks about the girls struggle with her classmates hating her to an extreme extent. That’s important in the story. One of the reasons she was hated, was because her parents had mentioned taking her back to Earth next year and it would cost some money. They hated her for something that she couldn’t even control. Anyways, she had been looking forward to seeing the sun for the longest time, five years you could say, because she had a  very “dead” like personality until the mention of the sun. The end made me feel very angry and sad for the girl, but it ended on such an abrupt note, which made it better somehow. One thing I personally really liked was how the author described the sun and the sky. It made you think that you wanted to see the sun with a sort of desperation, even though it’s outside your house. I would highly recommend this short story, because I personally liked the ending. Let’s just say that there’s room for what happens next.

October 4

What I’ve Been Reading

So, apparently I’ve read 240 minutes in total in English. That’s 4 hours and I’ve spent those hours finishing almost 10 books. I’ve finished the Unwind Series and started a new two book series. I’m done with the first book, Compound by S. A. Bodeen. The book is a super easy read and it didn’t really challenge me, so it wasn’t my top book. One thing I will say is that it was really simple at the beginning but went from a 0 to at least an 8 real quick at the end. On the other hand, I would totally recommend the Unwind Series, because I’m really into that type of genre. It’s about a world in the future. You can unwind your kids if you wanted to. Unwinding as in they get taken to a chop shop and stay there until the day they get “unwound,” and they sell the kids parts to people in need of them. For example, a man who lost his spine would get a spine from an unwind kid. I’m not doing it justice by talking about it, but again, highly recommend. They’re about 400 pages each. I liked it so much, that I finished it pretty fast and would have an actual good time reading it at home. Some books just can’t do that sort of thing.