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Book Review 2

This book review is gonna be about a book called “Corner of the Universe” by Ann M. Martin. This book has a really cool story and I had to bring it to your attention. The main character’s name is Hattie. She lived a life with a day to day schedule that never really changed. It was always usually the same and nothing really exciting happened in her life. One day, she gets told she has a secret family member she’s never been told about who has ‘difficulties’ with them. The secret family members name is Adam and he is 21 years old. He comes home from his special school he’s been at his whole life, because they’re closing it down. I’ve never really had a conversation with someone like Adam, but now I got  a general idea from this book. It creates an idea that nobody is perfect but that isn’t a bad thing. There’s this one part in this book where she talks to him about how hard it is for him feeling like a freak and feeling like different is bad. I think everyone has felt this feeling before and I could definitely relate like most people. Especially cause people say different is the best thing that you can do, but everyone who is different still doesn’t feel okay with being who they are because of people. Adam was really happy to come home because of the new people he would meet, but people in the book calls Adam a freak and a weirdo and it really bugged me because he wasn’t even that bad. He was just trying to be happy, but he had his moments where he’s been out of control, but being happy wasn’t one for sure. But I guess that’s how the world can be sometimes. At the end of the book something really sad happens, but Hattie wasn’t super phased by it but I was totally not expecting it, which is a really good thing. I really like books that take a turn for the best or worst and it catches you off guard. I think this book is a really good read and would definitely recommend it.

Jordyn • October 11, 2018

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