Wolf By Wolf

January 27, 2020 - Uncategorized

“Wolf By Wolf” by Ryan Graudin is a fictional story of a girl trying to survive in a world where the Allies lost WWII. I am around where she has entered a bike race, to win an audience with Hitler and attempt to assassinate him.

There are a lot of psychological themes here. The main character is haunted and tortured by her past, but uses it as motivation to pursue her goal.

Ryan Graudin is from Charleston, SC. She travels frequently and loves to write. She has always been fascinated by WWII and its history, and started viewing it with a “what if” mindset.

This story was not predictable. There were many moments that were extremely gripping, and i had no idea what was going to happen.

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Great discussion here! Thanks for sharing specifics with me!


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