Post #4 – Reflection

What I learned from researching Taiwan, is that they are one of the worlds furthest technological researched country. they also are also know for exporting the most computer parts throughout the world. I also learned that Taiwan once was ruled by China and through nationalist running from communist Taiwan became a country, and because of […]


In the article “Taiwan Elects A Female President” it talks about Tsai’s plans for Taiwan, one of which is to try and solve the issues it is having with China.  China however is not very pleased with Taiwan and the election. China has said that they want to bring Taiwan back to their homeland by […]

Post #2 Background information

Taiwan has been an island off the coast of china that has declared and has had it’s dependence since 1950. At the end of the Chinese civil war, the nationalist government ran to the island to escape the communistic power, that was taking control over china. As a result China has claimed seventeen over Taiwan since 1949. China insist on banning trade and relations to other country for Taiwan and chine herself, but despite […]

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