Post #4 – Reflection

What I learned from researching Taiwan, is that they are one of the worlds furthest technological researched country. they also are also know for exporting the most computer parts throughout the world. I also learned that Taiwan once was ruled by China and through nationalist running from communist Taiwan became a country, and because of this they do not get along as well as other country’s do. This research Helped me infer that Taiwan is a very technological country, and that contentions between Taiwan’s government and China’s government is high. The best piece of research I found to help me understand the people betterĀ  was the piece of research that told me about Taiwan fleeing the communist back in the 1950’s. This helped me see why Taiwan is how it is. I use to think that Taiwan was part of the mainland of the middle east, as was quiet shocked when I found out it was an island instead, and a smaller island at that. Unfortunately Taiwan is not a country I have much Interest in visiting some day, as there is nothing there that really intrigues me.

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