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the concept of belief is a bit tricky to explain, and more so to understand. I myself haven’t completely figured it out yet, however what i do understand is that a belief is something you hold to your heart and believe no matter what the circumstances are. if you drop your beliefs you’re dropping a certain part of yourself that you’ll never get back, and most likely you’ll start to have really bad luck because you held on to those beliefs so dearly. In the end i don’t really think it matters anyway, but believing in something gives you hope.

the Meaning of Stories

I believe that the monster Yew tree guy is trying to help Conor understand that there doesn’t always have to be a black and white story of right and wrong. that’s a lesson a lot of people can learn from, that in life there aren’t lines drawn where you’re a good person of a bad one. It’s a scale with a whole heck of a lot of gray in it and no one can really identify perfectly on either side. the fact that the monster is trying to convey this is pretty obvious (unlike the book thief where the meanings were pretty obscure ) you don’t really have to have deep convoluted meanings to get your point across. 

How i survive hardships

To be honest, I’ve never been good at getting through things. I don’t believe I even have, I either get distracted with something of another hardship comes and replaces the one before it. Seven years of going through difficulty after difficulty really do things to you, ya know? “Survive” is a pretty good word to describe it though, not overcoming hardships, surviving them. every day just waiting for the next to roll along. I can’t explain somethings I’ve gone through because, one: there’s too many to try and sort through, and two: they’re all really depressing and i don’t want other people to know about them…. so yeah.

The Book Thief Film Review

What the movie did well: i really liked how the film portrayed the characters, it also followed the story line almost perfectly. (and we all know how hard that has been recently)

What the movie did poorly: The film did cut out a few people and left some very important events that i would have loved to see in the movie adaptation, likely due to budget cuts or just not being able to find the right actors

Ways the movie was like the book: both versions had that same way of throwing all if the facts in your face which i had always liked about the book, it spoiled it itself before anyone else could.

Ways the movie was not like the book: the way the story was told was paced a heck of a lot faster in the film than in the book, it is a movie though. it is pretty hard to fit days worth or writing into like two and a half hours soooo.

What I thought of the movie overall: it was really good, the amount of accuracy surprised me a fair bit but it was great. also it almost, ALMOST made me cry so that’s a plus

A Little Light in the Darkness

Last year i was going through some really rough times, often finding it hard to do much of any thing but sit on my bed and stare at the wall singing really sad songs to myself. On one of my lowest days my mom came in my room in the middle of my outburst and tried talking to me about it, saying the things she usually does ” you just need to focus on being happy” and ” you are a light” ect. I was so fed up with it that i ran outside to our deck and just sat there, my dad came out and asked me what had happened. he never asked about what was going on in my life so i told him all of the things that had been building up for the past six years and asked him what we could do to help me feel better. That same week i went to a therapist and sorted everything out, that was one of the best and worst weeks of my life and I’m very thankful for my dad.

A Book Thief Is Born

When Liesel first arrived at the Hubermann house hold she was closed off and unwilling to comply, even rejecting a bath. she couldn’t read and didn’t like talking to other kids.the only person that could rally connect  with her was Hanns  Hubermann, her new father. Now, near three years later, she’s become a very different person. She stands out and follows the rules of her parents. Reading is a breeze for her ( she even steals them now) and she’s made a name for herself on the playground. Along with that she has a jew in her basement. what a change

Max Abandoned His Family

I believe that Max did the right thing, sure leaving his family behind was pretty bad but what other choice did he have? It was either that of he dies with them, at least one person was saved on that ordeal. He can still go on to try and make something of his life instead of throwing it away. His mom even told him to go for heavens sake! I’m sure that doing this would have greatly upset Max. However, it was the only thing he could do, and I’m sure that’s what they would have wanted

My identity as a reader

Reading isn’t really my strong suit ( which is why i took this class, to get better at it) so i read pretty slow. however, because of that i tend to get a lot more invested in the stories i read. It’s pretty fun actually, reading slower gives me the opportunity really soak up all that juicy sub-plot writers hide in text. I would like to be able to read faster though, mainly because of how much i fall behind in my English classes which suuuuckkss but i get my… most of the time.. well, I’m setting a goal for myself, read faster!

The best book I’ve ever read

I haven’t read many books (like five, very impressive right?) the best one I’ve read was actually the most recent. UGLIES, it is by far the best book that I have read.  so its basically about this post apocalyptic world where every one is beautiful, well after they go through the operation. Anyone who hasn’t gone under the knife, or is “normal” is ugly. the main character wants to become a pretty until a friend of hers tells her about a special place where you don’t have to be pretty. the characters in this book are simply amazingly designed and the story is very well thought out. i freaking love this book!

On stealing

Who hasn’t stolen before? If we were answering this honestly I don’t think even a fourth of us would say we haven’t. I mean it was likely petty thievery, it’s not like any of us go out and shop lift…. right?…  Liesel hasn’t stolen a car, its just books and like, a few quarters. of course stealing is bad but if all she takes is that and some kids consciousness for a few minuets (and his food) that one time but it isn’t going to escalate to some thing really bad so I don’t  really see the issue here