Letter To Me

Dear Past Me,

Lesson #1: Don’t date Gage. He will break your heart into a million pieces without you even realizing it. Yes, he may be really attractive, funny, and talented, but his ego will trump everything. All he seems to care about is his music. I know he says he cares about you, but he doesn’t seem to show it very well. If you go with him, your depression and anxiety will increase and you will be miserable. He may seem like the perfect guy for you, but once you really get to know him, you’ll realize you’re better off as just friends.

Lesson #2: Pick better friends. The friends you have now will seem like good friends, but only a few of them actually are. The rest are just bringing you down. There are a select few that are actually good friends, but the rest are just bad influences. Please be careful when you choose your friends in 9th grade. Make sure they’re the people will lift you up instead of bring you down. Find the friends that will understand what you’re going through, instead of pretending that things are going okay.

Lesson #3: Focus more on school than friends. In 9th grade, you’ll be in all honors core classes, plus a few advanced electives. You need to focus more on your school work than hanging out with your friends. Make sure you don’t procrastinate any of your work so you actually get things right, and to get them in on time. Once you finish all the work you have, then you can hang out with your friends. But remember, school first, then friends. I know your anxiety might get the best of you, but push through it, and try your best to be happy.


Future me.

P.S. Don’t be stupid and fall for some guy that will end up breaking your heart again.

Reading Level

My strengths as a reader are, I can read fast, so I can finish book pretty quick if I really try. I can interpret what the theme of the book is within the first few chapters of the book. I’m really good at writing, which sometimes helps with reading. I have a passion for English, so I love to read and write. Reading isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but if i really get into a book, I can never put it down. I really love reading fantasy novels and romance and folk lore or myths. The book that I read this year that I loved was A Work In Progress by Connor Franta. It really made me think about why I love reading and why I started reading it in the first place.

My current lexile score is 1051, which means I’m at an 11th grade level. I started the year off with a 1073, still at an 11th grade reading level. My plans for summer reading is to bring the books that I want to read or already have read and see how many books I can finish this summer. My goal is to finish at least 7-10 books this summer. I’ll tell my honors English teacher next year that I love to read and write and that I’m excited to learn more about English that I didn’t already know before. 

Book Write #6: Theme

The main theme for my book is political oppression. The author explains this really well. You could think about this as like the time of the Nazis or the Hunger Games. There is an extreme ruler over all and people are trying to over-throw the ruler. In the book, Kelsier is planning to over-throw the Lord Ruler and take over the Empire. He gets an “army” together and starts planning the attack. You can also think of it like the Divergent series. The factions are going against each other to take over the “main” faction and also just struggling to survive within their own faction. In the book, they’re just struggling to survive with what’s going on in the Empire. The people are just trying to think of ways to survive without causing any wars between everyone. They are trying to survive but also trying to get away from everything that is going on.

Book Write #5: Symbolism

Some of the important items in my story are Breeze, Spook, the Empire, and Vin. Breeze symbolizes emotions. HE can soothe peoples emotions with his powers. Spook symbolizes abandonment. His name, Lestibournes means “Lefting I’n born” or “I’ve been abandoned. The Empire symbolizes safety. If you’re in the Empire, you know you are as safe as you can be. Vin symbolizes courage. She eventually finds who she is, and joins Kelsiers crew.  One of the most important objects is the Empire. You know you can feel protected and safe if you’re there.

Based on my front cover, I would say that my book is leaning towards more adult audiences. On my front cover, it shows one of the main characters holding a dagger in both hands. I really like it because it’s symbolizing that even woman can be tough, and can be who they want to be. On the cover, you can tell that something intense is going to happen without even reading the book. You can just look at the cover and think, “Something intense is going to happen. This is going to be good.”

Book Write #4: Plot

The basic plot structure of my book is a Quest. It follows the pattern where Vin, (one of the main characters) struggles to find herself. She is in a very abusive relationship with her boss, and she is trying to get away, but every time she tries, she gets beaten. She wants to get away, but she can’t seem to succeed. Her boss if very abusive and mean to her, and shows no sign of respect for her or anyone.

The main conflict is man versus man. It’s where Vin is trying to get away from her boss in search to find herself. She struggles to find a way out but no matter what, she keeps trying. There might be a few smaller conflicts, but I’m not that far into the book yet to know what they are. But Vin is in a very complex situation where she is being abused by her boss and she is trying to find a way to get away from him.

So far, my favorite part is where Camon (Vin’s boss) is beating her up for trying to escape, but them a random newcomer comes in and starts beating up Camon, for no apparent reason. It’s pretty great. But I really enjoy the whole book as it is. It’s a very interesting book that can suck you and, where it feels like you can’t put down the book.



Book Write #3: Setting

The Mistborn series is set in a roughly medieval dystopian future on the world Scadrial, where ash constantly falls from the sky, all plants are brown, and supernatural mists cloud every night. One thousand years before the start of the novel, the prophesied Hero of Ages ascended to godhood at the Well of Ascension in order to repel the Deepness, a terror threatening the world whose true nature has been lost to time. Though the Deepness was successfully repelled and mankind saved, the world was changed into its current form by the Hero, who took the title “Lord Ruler” and ruled over the Final Empire for a thousand years as an immortal tyrant and god. Under his rule, society is stratified into the nobility, believed to be the descendants of the friends who helped him achieve godhood; and brutally oppressed peasantry, known as skaa.

Central to the Mistborn universe is the presence of magic. The most widely known discipline of magic is called Allomancy, which allows users to gain magical powers by swallowing and “burning” specific metals to gain supernatural abilities. Allomantic potential is a genetic trait concentrated in the nobility, though skaa Allomancers exist due to crossbreeding between the nobility and the skaa. Normal Allomancers have access to one Allomantic power, but an incredibly rare subset of Allomancers, called Mistborn, have access to every Allomantic power.

Book Write #2: Characters

The title of my book Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. The characters in my book are Kelsier, Lord Ruler, Sazed, Elend Venture, Ladrian, Vin Venture, Dockson, Lestibournes, Cladent, Hammond, Mare, Marsh. The main characters are Kelsier, Dockson, and Vin. The sidekicks are the rest of the characters, which are Lord Ruler, Sazed, Elend, Ladrian, Lestibournes, Cladent, Hammond, Mare, and Marsh. The most major characters are Kelsier and Dockson. They are trying to change Lord Ruler’s mind about their little world that they live in. The antagonist is Vin, and the nemesis is Marsh. Marsh is Dockson’s brother, whom he doesn’t really want to deal with, even if he is one of the best Smokers in the city.

Book Write #1: Author

The title of my book is Mistborn: The Final Empire. I chose this book because my dad requested it for me to read. The thing that attracted to me to the book was the title. I really like fantasy books and this one caught my attention. I found this book at my house, because it’s my dad’s book. This book is very high fantasy and is mostly for adult men.

The author of my book is Brandon Sanderson.  He was born in December 1975 in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is now 42 years old. As a child, he enjoyed reading, but then lost interest going into Junior High. In 1994, he enrolled at Brigham Young University as biochemistry major. During the years 1995-1997 he served as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Letter-Day Saints. He served the Seoul, Korea mission. In 2006, he married Emily Bushman, and in 2007, they had their first child.

The oldest date in my book is July 2006. I have the first edition. The hard back copy of 2006. The year the book was written matters, not much in my book because it’s very high fantasy. But it matters because it can impact the future or the past. Depending on when it was written. It can also have an impact on the setting of your book.

Some of the books that are similar to mine are The Well of Ascension and The Hero of Ages, the last two books of the series. The genre of my book is very high fantasy. It is mostly read by adult men. I really like this book because of the adventures that happen. I really enjoy fantasy, because it’s not boring to me and I can really get into the book.

The people who would mostly likely read this book are boys in their late teens or adult men. The reading level of my book is 740. So it would be read by 6th graders and higher. My book has 544 pages.


Letter to Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,

My current reading score is 1187. This means I’m at a 10th grade reading level. For my book report I am reading the book A Work In Progress by Connor Franta. I finished the book. During reading time, (20 minutes) I read A Work In Progress by Connor Franta. Out of the 20 minutes we read, I read 100% of the time. I need about 2-3 weeks to finish my book report on time.

In class, I am respectful to my classmates, and I’m on task. Every day in class I come prepared to learn. Sometimes I get distracted by those around me, but other than that, I am always on task, and working on my assignments. I have A’s on all my assignments. 100% on all of them. I feel pretty confident about my grades in class. I can work well with others as well.

A few things that you need to know. In class I am focusing on my work and other assignments that I need to do. Every day in class I work on my book report, if I have time. I sometimes goof around and I’m not paying attentions, but normally I am always on task, and I help others.

My Book Report

The book I chose was A Work In Progress by Connor Franta, a famous YouTuber. I chose this book because it’s really inspiring. You get to find out the struggles Connor faces and how he over comes them. If you read this book, it’s a really good way to get through the struggles you’re facing. I really like this book because, I relate to some of the things Connor goes through. This book could be very inspiring to some people. Not everyone will be inspired.  The reading level of my book is 6.2, so the lexile level would be around 915. This book is meant for grade 6 and up. I hope you enjoy this book, if you read it.