Letter To Me

Dear Past Me,

Lesson #1: Don’t date Gage. He will break your heart into a million pieces without you even realizing it. Yes, he may be really attractive, funny, and talented, but his ego will trump everything. All he seems to care about is his music. I know he says he cares about you, but he doesn’t seem to show it very well. If you go with him, your depression and anxiety will increase and you will be miserable. He may seem like the perfect guy for you, but once you really get to know him, you’ll realize you’re better off as just friends.

Lesson #2: Pick better friends. The friends you have now will seem like good friends, but only a few of them actually are. The rest are just bringing you down. There are a select few that are actually good friends, but the rest are just bad influences. Please be careful when you choose your friends in 9th grade. Make sure they’re the people will lift you up instead of bring you down. Find the friends that will understand what you’re going through, instead of pretending that things are going okay.

Lesson #3: Focus more on school than friends. In 9th grade, you’ll be in all honors core classes, plus a few advanced electives. You need to focus more on your school work than hanging out with your friends. Make sure you don’t procrastinate any of your work so you actually get things right, and to get them in on time. Once you finish all the work you have, then you can hang out with your friends. But remember, school first, then friends. I know your anxiety might get the best of you, but push through it, and try your best to be happy.


Future me.

P.S. Don’t be stupid and fall for some guy that will end up breaking your heart again.

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