January 8


Empathy is when you can understand and share your feelings with another person such as a family member or a friend. A way we can have empathy is if like your friend gets a really cool gift as a surprise then you can share their excitement and happiness. There have been many moments when me and my friend are playing a video game and we win and we are both just really happy and we share our feelings about our victory be screaming into the microphone. I have also shown empathy whenever a loved one passes away and you feel the same feelings as the people at the funeral.

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January 4

2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations

I think the thing I did best on was doing the blog posts. I had a hard time doing the essays on time so I will try to finish them before they are due so I can proof read them before I turn them in. The goal I would like to set for myself is finishing things ontime so I don’t end up with a bad grade in the class. I will also set the goal to work harder and do things better than what Mr. Green ask us to do and exceed the expectations of this class and its work requirements.

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December 15

Design Thinking

I think we use this process because it helps get better at public speaking and helps us to learn more about how to do things so people will like them. Because english is a subject that will help us a lot later in life and help us to be better at giving people what they want and give it to them in they way they want to recieve it. This will definitley help me later in life because everything you learn in school will help you later in life sometime wether you like it or not. But seriously I think it will help me to give people what they want and how they want it. I’m basically a public slave.

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November 27

Promoting Change

We live in a changing world and society. We all have different opinions and ideas. Our world is constantly changing and we can’t do anything about that. We can however promote change. We can help change ideas of racism and sexism or bullying by setting an example for other people by not doing those things. We can start setting an example now at school and your jobs by being friendly to everyone. We can promote change in society and governments by voting and sending in ideas for laws to help our society grow and be better at not being racist or sexist or bullying people. We decide on change.

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November 20

Words of the Week – Recluse and Repugnant

John stared out the window solomly. He was very reclusive and today, was Thanksgiving. He walked down the stairs as his extended family walked in the door. He didn’t know half of these people. as they sat down for dinner his mom walked in with the turkey. “That turkey smell is repugnant!” yelled John. “Well if you dont’ want any turkey you can go to your room and starve.” said his mom. “FINE!” yelled John. he ran up the stairs and slammed his door shut. A couple minutes later his mom walked in through the door. She apologized for yelling and gave John some mashed potatoes and stuffing to eat.

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November 16

The Search For The Perfect Book

I found the book, Life of Pi. I found the reviews for this book very interesting because everyone said that it was very good and that they highly reccomend it. I have not read this book but have seen the movie and really liked it. I think that this book sound very interesting based on it’s title. This book is about a boy called Pi. He goes on a cruise with his family and their ship wrecks. He spends several weeks floating in a life boat with a tiger he name’s Richard Parker. I think that I will definitley have to read this book.

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November 10

How I Define Equality

I define equality by saying, no one gets their feelings hurt and they don’t have their self esteem lowered. When I think of equality i think of people being treated equaly and no one is treated better or worse than everyone else. In the Decleration of Independence it states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I think this means that everyone has their rights to do whatever they want and that no one can take them away.

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October 31


It was a dark and stormy night(just like every other Halloween story). I was walking home from a late night at my friends house and decided to take a short-cut through the graveyard( as always). I was very apprehensive walking over the buried corpses. As I was walking…WHOOSH! I had fallen down an open grave and landed in a dark tunnel. I pulled out my flashlight that I conveniently happened to have in my pocket. I took a look around and saw a door. The door swung open slowly and ominously. I made my way to the door and slowly looked oround the corner… and saw an old lady who lived right next to the graveyard and this tunnel went into her house. So she led me out and gave me some cookies for the way home. After I got home I gave my family the cookies and went to bed. The next day I woke up to ominous music coming from upstairs… it was just my dad playing the paino but the cookies made my family sick so they stayed home from work and school. The End.

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October 25

The Sticky Issue of Equality.

What is equality? The definition of equality is: the state or quality of being equal. I think that to have equality is to treat everyone the same and not make it so some people who don’t have the same rights as us feel left out. I think that our government should it so that if someone is being racist or rude to someone wether they are of a different skin color or ethnicity, should go to jail for a month. I feel like that would be fair if someone is being racist. I also think we should all try to accept people for who they are and not what they look like.

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October 18

How I Did During First Term

During first term I feel like I did very good and I think the only problem I had was with do and turning in my homework. I did very good in Computer Tech during second period on B days. I have turned everything in for that class. In Earth Science I have done very good. I have not gotten in trouble with any of my teachers for this semester. In English the only reason I had an I was because I didn’t turn in my essay. In choir I am a bass and a pretty good one. In the future I will try to finish my homework better.

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