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November 12, 2019

free body and soul free

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Depression is a heavy thing. It suffocates some and leads to others making decisions that have powerful consequences.It is at the point where the human mind can delve no deeper, for it has truly reached rock bottom. The word itself sounds cold to the touch, and it scrapes its way out of your throat as you say it. It is painful. You wish not to have it. You look at those with the weight of the problem and you think “They’ll come around, right?” or “Better them than me.” There are many reasons that lead to bearing the tonnes of deep questioning of ones ability to make it far enough in life, to make it to that light at the end of the tunnel, one of them being oppression. Oppression is a force of human nature. We all do it. We push away those who enforce ideas that make us feel wrong.

3 Responses to “free body and soul free”

  1.   Mr. Green  Says:

    Be sure to add a picture for aesthetic appeal and full credit!

  2.   joe  Says:

    this website succs why does it have a blue background? is it 2003? It looks like the dark web. geez delete to make everyone happy

    thanks a lot

    Sincerely, Everyone using this site

  3.   Rafael  Says:

    hsut up joe!!!! i bet you’rrr mom likez crack from the s,,,,hadey part of tiowm!!

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