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February 13, 2020

getting to know my inner voice

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My inner voice is a strange thing. I can’t really classify it as a person. It’s just… there. It is my voice, bottled up in the confines of my skull, sharing space with my brain and bouncing around until required to be processed and refined for outer use (occasionally, this refining process fails to function, leaving raw and unfiltered ideas to be soaked up by others, despite their possible dangers). For example, I’ll be watching a movie, and my voice continually tells me the possible outcomes, whilst keeping track of the ongoing film. It just works. It does what it needs to do. It’s a better system than some of the others available. I think, therefore I am.


[Pictured] what

3 Responses to “getting to know my inner voice”

  1.   Matthew  Says:

    who is that picture of and i agree about how it filters out information and still you can recall what you are doing luv u raf

  2.   Thomas  Says:

    this is really boring

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