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April 28, 2020

whats the code? 111, uhhhhhh, 1

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I’d like to consider my code of conduct very simple – being respectful to those who I deem worthy. It sounds really stupid, I know, but it’s got meaning behind it. If I’m nice to everybody then people will be nice to me, and then I won’t have people bothering me so much. I can’t take this anymore. I hate writing these prompts sometimes, man! It sucks sometimes! I struggle to do touch typing which my mother has forced me into adopting. AHHH! I am in pain. Kanye’s music is really good, wow. He goes well with Kendrick Lamar, you know. NMPLA is actually one of my favorite songs which features both artists.

[pictured] kanye

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  1.   Mr. Green  Says:

    You kind of went of the rails there, Raf.

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