Tell Me About It

This post is mainly about things that have been going on in my life, (nothing personal), things I wish would change, and things I can’t wait for. This Friday, I am going to Wyoming to see my aunt and my grandma. My aunt is flying from Virginia and I can’t wait to go! It can be nice to get a break from school. I also can’t wait for Thanksgiving! I always love Thanksgiving and this year we are hosting it at our house. It will be so crowded! Some things I wish people would stop doing is saying and following what the world is doing or telling them what they should do. It can be annoying sometimes when people just choose to follow the trends of the world instead of choose for themselves what they want to do. But enough about that. Nothing super interesting has been going on in my life. FYI it is definitely not a reality show where people do stupid things to get attention. I do stupid things daily and I definitely do NOT want attention for it. But thank you for listening to me talk about things I have been thinking about.

What I’m Reading

I found an interesting book at my house. You are going to think I am so annoying, but it is a Star Wars book. I know it sounds cheesy and nerdy, but I actually somewhat enjoy it. It is about this girl that is trying to escape or live on this remote planet so she can be found as a survivor from the Clone Wars. She befriends these farmers who see how well she can fix things and they have her fix their old stuff for money. Little does this girl know, the Empire is coming to take the remote planet over for their farming purposes and her friends’ lives may be in jeopardy. They make all these farmers follow a bunch of rules that could potentially put a ton of businesses at risk. The girl (a Jedi) by the way, doesn’t suspect that the Emperor and his new apprentice issued someone to do this. So, the girl escapes and finds herself with people she thought to be dead, including a certain duo of droids.

Who Am I as a Reader?

Lately, I haven’t really been reading as much as I should. For the last couple years, I haven’t been reading that much. I could never find a good book that just struck me. Half of the ones I would read the summary of were all these cheesy teen romances that weren’t good to read at ALL. But lately, I’ve been thinking about books I should read. I figure that books written a couple decades back are ten times better (a lot of the time) then books written now. I have a couple faults when it comes to reading. For example, it can take me a really long time to choose a good book to read. I also get distracted, so I don’t read as much as I should. So, when I get a book, it can take me a long time to finish it. But some of my strengths are that I can read at a high reading level and I actually do love to read. I love learning about what the author wanted me to get out of the book and how they created the characters.

What I Look For in a Good Story

I really enjoy reading stories. They can take you to places were you can mentally “escape” when you read them. But why do I like these stories? I enjoy stories that you can relate to the characters and see how you compare to them. Relatibility can be found by things like figurative language and mood. Mood is very important in a good story because you can feel the different feelings that the author has skillfully put in their story. I really enjoy when they use good words that help you feel what the character is feeling. I believe an author has done a good job if you cry in a book or are constantly laughing or if you “hate” a character. I have had these feelings and it is because the author does such a good job at giving mood and character to the story. I also love it when the author has really good dialogue. I like this because you can feel tension between characters or chemistry. To sum it up, you have to set a good mood to have a good story and you the literary tools to pull it off.

How I Did During First Term

First term was a little stressful for me at first. I was just easing into 9th grade and to be honest the first week was awful. My first day there, I couldn’t get to my locker because all the boys were crowded around a girl’s locker. The second day, on my way to a class I thought I was late for, (It was held outside) I tripped and scraped myself up bad. But enough about that. I was proud of myself during first term, but I didn’t do as well as I should’ve. Now, I want to do my best to be more prepared and make sure I can study more and do better at not procrastinating. (A lot of people know what I mean). But I want to do better in my writing, reading, and homework. It only makes you more stressed if you don’t finish your work. I was proud I got all A’s and one A-, but I know the more work I do the better I will feel after I finish another term. I basically did a B+ effort in first term, but I know I can do better and put in more effort. Believe me, it’s worth it!

The Power Of Words

There are times many of us have been excited or angered by something someone said. Words can stir up emotion inside us. They can change the way people see us as a person, whether good or bad. The things we say can affect us just as good or bad as they do other people. Are there times you wish you could take back something you said? I’m sure there are. Authors help us grasp these emotions of sadness or happiness through their writing. Whether they use figurative language or do it through other literary devices, the way they implore us to feel something is all done through their writing skills. Many of us like complex characters. Usually these complex characters feel more than just 1-2 emotions in a story. This is because an author chose their words carefully to set the tone for the character. For example, Anakin Skywalker (I am aware this could be cheesy). He is torn. As he matures, he grows closer to the dark side while still longing to live a life on the light side with his allies. He also has decided to marry Padme and wants to protect her. So the main emotions he feels are stress, anger, sorrow, and many times concern, relief, and happiness.

What Kind of Writer am I?

Let’s be honest here. We’ve all been writing for a very long time. But, it doesn’t mean we think we are good writers. Some people love to write (like me), some people like thinking of a story but not actually typing it up, some people think they aren’t good at it but the try their best any way, and some people just slack off because they hate it or it’s too much work. But, sometimes that’s OK. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and maybe writing is or isn’t one of them. I enjoy writing a lot. It allows me to imagine different characters and quirks they could have. It also allows me to think of a plot that maybe hasn’t been thought of? (There are a ton, you just have to dig deep.) One of my strengths is being able to write just off the top of my head and write really quick. I can type for a long time and as I do it, the plot comes right into my head. One of my weaknesses is beginning to slack on my writing when I eventually get tired of it. I begin to get lazy and end the story fast.


How I felt about the First Story

For Short Story Club, I read a short story under the surprise endings section. It was called The Sniper. It was really interesting because obviously it’s about a sniper, but there was quite a lot of thought at the end of the story. I liked how in the beginning, the author Liam O’Flaherty used precise description on his setting and what was going on. He included detail about an old woman who, until she met an unfortunate end in the story, I didn’t think much about.  In the story, the sniper is of course trying to shoot his enemies down. He is lying the roof of a building, trying to take down others on the opposite side. Suddenly, the old woman steps out and tells a man for the other side that the sniper is on the roof. And being compromised, the sniper shoots her. After she dies, the scene goes on. Eventually the author comes to a conclusion. The main sniper kills the sniper trying to shoot him. After he dies, the main sniper feels regret. When the sniper gets off the roof, he turns over the sniper he kills and sees the face of his brother.

What I Look For in a Character

Most people enjoy reading popular books because they either have a good story line or plot twists. But there are many people who enjoy reading those books because of the character. Something I look for in a character is their determination and grit. I don’t really enjoy books if the protagonist is whiny or dull. The main character in a story should be able to recognize the needs of others besides themselves, and be relatable. I like it because you can see their thought process and if you imagine yourself as the character, what you would’ve done better. Tons of popular books have characters with inner conflict, difficult challenges, and good friends. I like it when the character accepts that sometimes they need to depend on their friends for help and wisdom. Finally, I want to see if the character has a sure sense of themselves. If the author just takes the character and stretches them around, it can be confusing and not well developed.


These characters are an example of grit, determination, development, and relatability.

Why Do We Read Stories?

Stories help us see the very real feelings of others and their ideas and intentions through fantasies or real events. They can help teach us different values and morals through very hidden messages to straight forward ones. There are so many different stories we love because of the lessons they teach or the way the character thinks. Take Cinderella for example. So many people love Cinderella because the main character is treated poorly, but because of her kindness, she is transformed into a princess, able to go to the ball and of course, marry the prince. A classic rags to riches story. The moral of Cinderella is kindness and humility. But like before, there is deeper meaning in other stories too. But, why do we place so much importance in our stories? Because, stories in a way, are like lessons. Through different character’s stereotypes and examples, you can learn from them what you should and shouldn’t do. Usually at a young age. We like stories to entertain and teach certain standards and they have been told for centuries.