Tell Me About It

I want to talk about Volleyball. Volleyball is my favorite sport it is so fun and I love doing club volleyball because I love meeting new people. After High school volleyball that’s when club started and i play at club 801. I tried out for the regions team and that is where you play tournaments here in Utah and in other states and it was a really good tryout the coaches loved me and I think the coaches will teach me a lot and I’m really excited to meet new people and see and play with people i played with last year. After the tryouts I found out that I made the #1 regional team and I was so happy because for the last two years I’ve been playing there was two libaros on the team and so I wouldn’t get as much playing time as I wish I would get but this year I am the only libaro and i’m so so happy and I’ve heard the coach is really really good so yeah and practice starts after thanksgiving break and i’m really excited. so yeah that is all

What I’m I Reading

I am currently reading “wonder” by R.J. Palacio. This book is really good it is very happy and it is really sad. I choose this book because I read it in 6th grade as a class and I wanted to read it on my own and I just saw the movie and the movie was really good and I wanted to see what they didn’t put in the movie. It is about a kid that has a weird face when he was born and everyone judges him and now he is going to school for the first time and meeting to people and making friends. I recommend this book to kids over 4th grade because it teaches them to be nice to other kids and adults cause it is a cute story. So that is what I’m reading.

Who Am I As A Reader

Who am I as a reader. Sometimes I like to read but that’s only when I feel like it, I have to or there is nothing to do. The thing I noticed in my reading is that every time I read I get better because last year and in 7th grade I was a very very slow reader but every time I read I would get better and better and now I am still not the best but I am better than I used to be, Another thing that I noticed is that the books that I am most interested in are book kinda about world war 2 or about olden times like A night Divided and the boy with the striped pajamas.  l  My strengths of reading is that sometimes I know what they are talking about and I know there emotions, What I think i need to work on is remembering what I read and staying focused. So that is Who Am I As A Reader

How I think I did last term

Last term was alright, I didn’t do the best that and i could’ve tried harder. There were somethings that i did really good on and there were somethings that I needed to work on like in one class i got a b but I think I could do better, sometimes I’m lazy and I am a procrastinator so I would say “Oh I’ll do it later Oh I can do it tomorrow” Than I would forget and remember at the worst second and than I would end up rushing through it and getting a bad grade on that assignment, and in the beginning of the year I wasn’t use to doing homework so I would forget about it cause I wasn’t used to doing it than I would get a bad grade on that. My grades weren’t the best I could’ve done better I thing that I want to work on this year is probably getting done with homework and don’t push to the last second and I would know that I did better when a get better than a B or a B-. So that is what I think I did last term and what I want to work on for this term.

The power of words

The power of words is very helpful because it helps the reader understand the emotion of the character and what is happening. I am reading the book wonder and it has a lot of emotion and there are a lot of good examples like when jack will is talking bad about august and august is hearing the whole conversation and an emotion that august shows is “I felt like I was on fire while I walked back down the stairs. I was sweating under my costume. And I started crying” that shows that what jack said really hurt him and he thought they were friends. Another emotion that i saw was when august cut off his patawan braid and via found out and it showed that she was mad that she was talking in a loud voice and that showed that she was mad cause she like it but august cut it off. That is the power of words.

What Kind Of Writer Am I

What kind of writer am I? For the most part I think I’m a pretty good writer but the thing I think I should work on is, One Staying on task sometimes when I’m writing i start talking about something else that is not even related to the thing I was talking about before. Second I think I have to work on being a writer is to give more detail because I don’t give detail sometimes because i feel like they don’t need it or they know that I’m talking about already so I don’t put detail. So this year I want to work on those’s thing so that I can be a better writer for high school and when I get older.

How i felt about the first story

How i felt about the first story. I read the story “The Sniper” this story was really good and it was really really sad. I liked how the author was really descriptive and he gave a lot of detail so that the read knows what they are reading about and about where he was and and what was happening in the story. On the other had this Guy had to go through a lot with the war and just it was really sad. It shows and hard wars are and how hard it is to stay alive and how hard it is so kill people even if you don’t know them or if you do know them it is still hard and i feel bad for that guy and what he had to go through. So that is what i felt about the First story.

what i look for in a character

What i look for in a good character. I like the character that are very hard working and they are caring and very nice to everyone around them and when they are very smart. Like in the book The Hunger Games I really liked the character Rue because she was very sweet and really smart and she would help Katniss out with anything. It was Rues idea to blow up there food source and it was her idea to do the fires to know where they are and that they are safe. When she died i was really mad cause who would want to kill and sweet cute little girl and i felt bad for katniss when she died because she had been going through a lot in the book before then. So that is what i look for in a good character.

Why do we read stories?

Why do we read stories? Some people like to read stories for fun or when they have free time. Some people read stories to teach other people or them self’s for there religion. I sometimes read stories when there is nothing to do the reason i read stories is to do something and on the other hand it helps you be creative and helps you with your imagination and it also teaches you different stuff and if you struggle with reading it helps you practice that too. It helps with imagination because it doesn’t have pictures so you have to imagine them in your head and imagine what they are doing too. So that is what i think stories are for.

The best book I ever read

The best book I have ever read is The Guitar Notes. It is about a girl and a boy and the girls mom has died and the boys dad has died and the boys name is Tripp and the girls name is lyla and tripp plays guitar and his mom has taken his guitar away and he plays in this room where you play music in for lunch and Lyla plays the cello and she hates playing it and they meet by writing notes to each other and than they meet up and tripp teaches lyla to play the guitar and they make songs together and and they are lying to there parents and the parents are mad about it and they keep pulling them away from each other to write more songs so they can play at weddings and get money. I would Recommend it to people that play an instrument and love romance.  

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