Secret Secrets are no fun; Secret Secrets hurt someone

I hate keeping secrets from people but sometimes I don’t tell anyone because i am worried of what they will think of me or i think that they would criticize me and make me feel bad and sometimes you don’t really trust that person and you think that they will tell everyone . I think if you tell people about your problems they can help you and give you advice and i feel like if you keep it to yourself then the problem will get worse because you think of the worst and if you tell people than they will help you and not look at the worse of things.

Love Moderately

In Romeo and Juliet Frier Lawrence tells them when they are getting married to love moderately. I think what he means by that is because they are getting married so young that they might change there minds and might not love each other as much as they do right now so i feel like he is stay to not start so high go a little slower because he doesn’t want them to die over there love at such a young age. I think that is good advice because he is trying to tell them that they are only 14 15 years old and they think they already found The One. No i don’t think Romeo and Juliet will take the advice because they are young and they don’t really care about anything else but getting married and loving each other. They will probably want to get to know each other alittle better because they only knew each other for a day and then got married and maybe slow things down and not jump right into loving.


Some people hate people just to hate people and sometimes there is a good reason why they hate that one person but mostly its a dumb reason. I have experience with that because I try not to hate people its kind of hard sometimes with a person that was not very nice to you. My experience is I hate this person because she was not very nice to me the first time i met her and she was kind of a brat so i kinda hold that against her and i know a lot of people that say that she is super nice and funny but i just hate her for that one experience but i want to get to know her better and see if we can be good friends i just have to not hold that experience against her.


I think that we should keep teaching and reading Shakespeare because it shows students emotion and it shows them that everybody has emotion and everybody uses them in there life and that it is ok to show emotion. Another reason that we should keep teaching it is because it challenges the students to work hard on reading and to understand what the story is staying it kinda teaches them that when things get hard try harder and don’t just give up or read it to just get it over with I know it might be boring and confusing but just try harder to understand it because it might have a good message to teach you. So that is why I think we should still learn about Shakespeare and keep teaching it.


What good is it to grade your own work? I like grading my own work because when I grade myself I can see what I missed and what I did wrong so I can remember it for the next time I write an essay and it helps me be honest about my work and not lie and say I got an A. I think it helps you in school because you can get used to grading your own things so before you turn something in so you can grade it before you turn it in and get everything you missed and get a better score on that assignment. It helps you in the future to be a better writer and remember the things you miss when you were younger.

How I will Dominate During Term 4

How I think I did last term was ok. My grades were good but they were not perfect. I feel like I could have worked harder on not getting as much missing assignments and I could have worked harder to better grades in some classes but I still tried hard I would just forgot to turn in some assignments and then they would be late then I would get docked points. My goals for Term 4 are to not end the term with any missing assignments so if I forget to turn in any assignments and they are late just turn them in anyway so I can get credit and not get a zero on it. My second goal is to get better grades of the classes I didn’t get an A in so if I got a B in a class my goal is to get better then that and not stay at a B or go down.

How I feel about to Kill a Mocking bird

How I feel about to Kill a mocking bird. I Really liked this book but sometimes it was really boring and I won’t want to read it because I wouldn’t understand where it was going. I loved the message of how if something doesn’t hurt you or bother you, you shouldn’t bother it like with mockingbirds they said in the book they don’t hurt them all they do is play music for them to hear it. The other message that i liked is that you shouldn’t go right to judging a person you have to step in their “shoes” and walk around in them for a will and get to know them and not just say ” oh i hate that person” and judging them. I didn’t like this book because somethings were really confusing and I wouldn’t know what they were saying or trying to say. So that is how I felt about the book To Kill a Mockingbird.

Good Stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

“If a man like Atticus Finch wants to butt his head against a stone wall it’s his head”(244) this was Miss Rachel reaction to the trial. I think she was a little bit frustrated with the trial and I think she meant its his life that he is “butting against a stone wall” its only going to affect him and no one else. I don’t know about the other readers but i know when I read this it makes me kinda sad for Atticus and i feel bad for him. I think in the rest of the book Atticus is going to act a little different after the trial because he feels bad for tom and he probably feels like he could’ve done more to save him and help tom live.

An authority on courage and integrity -older brother

A Authority on Courage and Integrity. The first person that comes to my mind when I think of Courage and Integrity is my older brother because he made a decision to leave home for 2 years and teach people and when he came home he didn’t like his job but he need money to buy a engagement ring for his girlfriend but he had courage that he would find a different job so he quit his old job and he found the right job for him and he is a big example to me. “always have courage if you don’t have courage than you will not learn how to be courageous and if no one had courage than everyone would be afraid of everything be the courageous one don’t be the one that stands in somebody’s shadow be you, and always choose the right way don’t just go for what other people say go your own way.”

Blind Spots

So in the book To Kill a mockingbird atticus says that Walter Cunningham is basically a good person but has blind spots, I think atticus was trying to say is that blind spots are times in our life that we don’t know what is happening and don’t know what to do about it. I think that Atticus said that because someone can be a really great person like funny and nice and has a great personality, but everyone makes mistakes and tries or does something dumb that’s just being human but I think that if wanting to kill someone and wanting to hurt them is crossing the line a little bit.

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