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My regular daily life is wake up at 6:15 get dressed, to eat. After I brush my teeth, do my hair and run to the bus. When I get back from school I have a snack and watch tv or play volleyball or basketball. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I have volleyball for two hours in Lehi and on Tuesdays, I have mutual than basketball practice for junior jazz then I sometimes do math homework then I go to bed.

Something that calls me is volleyball because it is really fun to play and fun when you have friends that like the game to and really have fun playing with you. I watch a video to do my passing and all the skills better. I am in a volleyball club and it helps me get better. I practice every Mondays and Wednesday and sometimes I have an all-day tournament on Fridays and Saturdays. Volleyball calls to me to be a better volleyball player.

Sometimes in volleyball, I refuse to do it because it is a lot a money and it is my lack of trust because I am the libero and sometimes I have to dive for the ball and I don’t trust my self so we lose that point so I need to trust my self and go for every ball.

My mentor is probably my dad or my mom because they cheer me on even if I do something wrong and they help me through things like if I am sad at losing a game they come and say what I did right and get me hipped up for the next game. My mom used to play volleyball and when I do something wrong she comes and helps me and get that skill better.


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