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I am reading “The Guitar notes”  this book is mostly set at the school, at there house or the tree house lyla found and now the play guitar in there. The time the book is at  2016 it is new and they do have a phone and computers so probably the present

The most important event was when they started writing notes to each other and that started when lyla was mad when tripp left his lunch leftovers in the practice room and lyla got mad so she wrote him a note and this is what she said “Dear odd day musician we are sharing this room. Please remove your trash from the music stand when you are done Thanks From The even day musician”and this was at ll:23 when this happened and they were at lunch.

Another important part was when they first played together and made a band and that was on a even day so it was lyla’s turn in the practice room and she invited tripp to come play the guitar with her even though it was a rule that you can’t do that and they did it anyway. That was at the same time it was at lunch time a little around 12 . Now they are good friends and they text all the time now.

Spring Break

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For spring break me and my family are planning on going down to St.George for my brothers baseball tournament and i am planning on getting tan and swimming and watching my brother play baseball but i am heading down there on Wednesday and so before we head down i might just hang out with my friends and sleep in and in St.George enjoy the sun because we have not gotten sun that much but his tournament starts Thursday so we might just hang and get a day to relax before his tournament.

Me and my sister my 2 or 3 brothers in depends if my older brother wants to come and my parents are going down and we are going an extra day because we just want to enjoy the sun and swim and hang out and maybe tan  and we might take a hike the first day and his tournament starts on Thursday and the brother that is playing in the tournament is my little brother that is 10 and he is one the Pleasant Grove young team and he really enjoys that and I like to watch him play. I don’t know when we will be back from St.George but I think it would be either Saturday or Sunday. Image result for pics of st. george utah

Term 4 book

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the book i choose it called guitar notes. i choose this book because my sister read it and she said it was a really good book and she told me that i would like it and i liked the cover of it and my sister said that it was about a music and i thought i would like that.

The book Guitar notes has a reading level at 7th-12th grade. I know this because i looked on amazon. My main characters age is around 8th grade 9th grade around middle school.

Mary Amato is a award winning author and the book has gotten awards too. Mary Amato is an award-winning children’s book author, poet, playwright, and songwriter. Her books have been translated in to many different languages. Her books have been nominated for the children’s choice awards in many states

Call to Adventure

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My regular daily life is wake up at 6:15 get dressed, to eat. After I brush my teeth, do my hair and run to the bus. When I get back from school I have a snack and watch tv or play volleyball or basketball. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I have volleyball for two hours in Lehi and on Tuesdays, I have mutual than basketball practice for junior jazz then I sometimes do math homework then I go to bed.

Something that calls me is volleyball because it is really fun to play and fun when you have friends that like the game to and really have fun playing with you. I watch a video to do my passing and all the skills better. I am in a volleyball club and it helps me get better. I practice every Mondays and Wednesday and sometimes I have an all-day tournament on Fridays and Saturdays. Volleyball calls to me to be a better volleyball player.

Sometimes in volleyball, I refuse to do it because it is a lot a money and it is my lack of trust because I am the libero and sometimes I have to dive for the ball and I don’t trust my self so we lose that point so I need to trust my self and go for every ball.

My mentor is probably my dad or my mom because they cheer me on even if I do something wrong and they help me through things like if I am sad at losing a game they come and say what I did right and get me hipped up for the next game. My mom used to play volleyball and when I do something wrong she comes and helps me and get that skill better.


My personal quest

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One day, I think it was last semester I was watching TV once and my parents told me to go and help my siblings with their homework because me and my brother are the only ones in our family that understand math and they were really confused on it. My brother is in fifth grade and my sister is in 8th grade. When I was confused I would ask my older brother for help for them, and I was really happy because I was really confused and he would help me for them and I really appreciated that because I proably would have been grounded if I didnt help my siblings and I was happy that helped me than I helped them understand

Another time  I think it was last semester I was confused on my homework and I asked my parents and they didnt get it and than I asked my brother that is really good at math and he told me how to do it and I was really happy that he got it because my goal is to have straight A’s this year and if he didnt help me then I would have never gotten it  and probaly gotten worse grades then I did and I was really happy that I have a sibling in my family that knows how to do math and could help me on my math homework. He helped me understand and I got a really good grade on my test that week.

Term 3 blog update

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What I did for Christmas break was I hung out with my family a lot. I hung out with my Friend the moved to Califorina and came to visit. I watched a lot of “office” and “Friends”.  Me and my friends hung out at Macys and sodalicous. Me and my family went to go see jumanji and The greatest showman and I really liked those movies. I slept in a lot and hung out with friends a lot.

For Term 3 the book i choose was “The Blindside”. I choose this book because i saw the movie once and I really liked the movie so i wanted to read the book to see if they are similar. The Author of ” The Blindside is by Micheal Lewis The Reading level of the book is 7-12

My Revelotion of this year is to not say words that are close to swear words and to be not gossip as much and to be nicer to my friends and family because i feel like i gossip to much about other people and i don’t want to be a mean girl.

Reading Response of Poetry

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I liked “The Anthem of  Awesome” because it says that we are not perfect but I am as prefect as I am and it also says that we are beautiful if we be ourselves and i like how it saws that every gray hair is a trophy every wrinkle is a story and every pound of fat is a challenge so everyone has a different story. This poem is like me because I say that i am not prefect but this is who i want to be i am beautiful just the way i am i don’t have to change to be prefect or beautiful. This is kinda like my theme song essay because they are both about other peoples feelings and how they feel about things.  When I look at a volleyball i feel like i have to practice more so I can get better. It inspires me that i can be better than I am. Image result for volleyballs

End of T15-6

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This term we had to finish a book in like 5-6 weeks and I think that that was to small of a time to read a book. The Hunger games was a great book I am so happy that my mom recommended it to me but i could tell what would happen at the end because of the movie but it still was a good book. It took about 5 weeks to finish my book.  Next quarter I would change the length of when we needed to  finish the book.

Writing is not my favorite because im not very good at it either. The blog post was ok because we had to do them like everyday and i dont like reading . The hard thing was to know what to write about and to like finish them in a day and i didn’t know that much about my book. I wish we could have more time of the blogs

The book report was very fun because i got to hear about a lot of different books that i can read and i learned more about my book too. I wish that we had more time to plan because i did it the night before it was due and i finished at 11:00 and i had no sleep that night. Also i wish we didnt have to present it in front of the whole class and being corrected and being embarrassed in front of the whole class.

I wish that i could go slower on the reading test because i got a very bad score. I would read the same book and do the same book report. I feel like one step closer to summer and school being over.




Symbols & Theme

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The main Symbol in The Hunger Games is probably the mocking jay pin because, it is her nickname. Katniss describes the pin as a gold ring and bird in the middle of it called a mocking jay. The pin is important to her because people say it is good luck but the main reason is that it reminders her of her dad that died in a terrible mine explosion when Katniss was 11 and her dad uses to sing in the forest and the mocking jays would sing back to him.

The Front cover of The Hunger Games is black because they probably want boys to read it so it is not just girls reading it like if it was pink, no boy would want to a pink book. The name is in big bold letters and the author is on the bottom in bold letters too and the gold mocking jay in is the middle and it is the biggest thing of the cover.

The theme of The Hunger Games is about war. Katniss is try to survive the Games an she has promised two people to win rue and primrose but she wants to win more for rue than primrose. She also want Panem to like her so she can win an to wealthy I think

Plot structure

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The basic plot structure in The Hunger Games is a little bit of war and they want to live and Katniss volunteered for he sister And the pattern that The hunger games follow is that she keeps risking her life for people that she loves , it is also Man v.s Man and Man v.s society too.

The conflict in the book is where is has to go to the hunger games and she has promised two people to win and stay alive rue and prim. Some smaller conflicts are where she has to be strong so she can show the other district that she is strong and the other on is that she has to go and get her family food before the hunger games and she also has to pretend that she loves peeta.

My favorite part is when she is attacted by the career and she climbed a tree and they couldn’t climb and then Peeta was with them and he said to camp out below her because she has to come out sometime and than Katniss was so mad at him and that night she saw rue and she pointed to some tracker jacks (wasps)  and that morning she cut the nest and it brusted on the ground and it killed one of the girls that had a bow and some arrows and then Peeta saved her life because the career was coming back to kill her and peeta came and said “run, get out of here go” and that is my favorite part in the book

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