My Favorite Things

One of my favorite things is the violin. I love both playing the violin and listening to music. It is really fun to play. There are so many different songs and styles of music that you can play. It’s really fun to try to figure out how to play things without the music. Listening to violin music is kind of the same. There are lots of different songs and styles, and its really fun. It can be pretty and happy music, or sad and dark music, like in a minor key or something. I just love the violin.

Another one of my favorite things is books. I love reading for so many different reasons. One reason is that I love to learn new things, and books can help you do that. It’s also fun just to be able to escape my own world into a new one. It’s also just entertaining. I also love writing books so other people can experience what I do when I read.


One of my other favorites is cooking, baking, and eating good food. It is really fun to be able to create something that people will enjoy eating. I love making desserts most of all, because then I can eat them. Also, cooking and baking is really easy. You just follow the instructions, and then you get something edible and delicious. I love eating sweet things, because they are just so good. My favorite dessert is probably brownies, cheesecake, or ice cream. Of course, everything is really good, so I can’t decide.


Every December my family has a few special traditions. One of them is the Advent Wreath tradition. Four Sundays before Christmas, my family gets out the Advent wreath and four candles. Then we light a candle each Sunday, so on the first Sunday, only one candle is lit, but on the fourth Sunday, all of the candles are lit. Every night we light a candle, we also sing Christmas songs, do a mini lesson on something, and eat German desserts. It’s really fun. My family also tries to go sledding up the canyon every year. It’s always really cold, but we have so much fun. My little brothers make it a little difficult, but we make it work.

Over winter break I am going to go to Colorado to visit my grandparents. We drive for 6 hours, but it is definitely worth it. We get to see my cousins, which is really fun, because I only see them once or twice a year. I’m also going to sleep in every day of vacation, and hopefully go sledding or play in the snow. I also love to make hot chocolate and delicious desserts, so I’m excited for that too.

My goals for the new year are very interesting. First of all, I want to be better at writing. I am writing a couple fantasy/fiction novels, and I haven’t been very good at working on that regularly. So my goal is to write at least chapter a week. I also want to do better in Orchestra. I want to work harder and practice longer so I sound better on the violin. I am also turning 14 in January, so that’s exciting. I am also going to try be a little bit better at talking to people. Right now, I’m just kind of quiet and awkward, so I want to be better.

Metacognition Of Term 1

Metacognition means thinking about thoughts, being aware of your thoughts. I think that Term 1 went pretty well. My Reading Index Score for Term 1 was 1453, and I think that I might have improved on reading this year. The best thing I have done this year so far was be in the play and perform well. However,  I wish that I had done better while running the mile in P.E. I wish I had been able to run it as fast as I did last year, because I ran it pretty fast last year. I was really excited, though, because for the curl-ups/sit-ups test, I got 80 this time, which was really weird, because last time I was only able to get 40.

During fall break, I am not going to go anywhere! I get to stay home, sleep in, then read and play the violin as much as I want to. For Thanksgiving, I am going to go to my grandparents’ house and eat some awesome food. For Christmas, I am going to go to my other grandparents’ house. I will get to see my cousins that live in Colorado again. I only see them like once a year, so I am really excited. They are all so funny and crazy.

For Term 2, I want to be able to get pretty good grades, and be able to understand almost everything that I have learned. I want to be able to run a faster mile, and I want to be able to play well in Orchestra. I hope to be able to pass off the theory test, and start learning my three octave scales better. I hope to get a better Reading Index score, and I hope to be able to read more good books. I hope to do better on the push-ups test in P.E., and I want to do better in Science. I got an A, but I didn’t really understand¬† what we were learning about. However, Term 2 should be better than Term 1, and Term 1 was pretty good, so it’ll be great.

Declare My Term 1 Book

This term I am reading Beyonders A World Without Heroes. The front cover of the copy I have looks like this:

Here is the Amazon link

I chose this book because my brother told me it was a great book and kept pestering me to read it. Also, I have read other books by the same author and I loved them.

The author of my book is Brandon Mull.

The reading level, according to Amazon, is Children’s books, grades 3-7.

Here is a picture of Brandon Mull, the author.


Hello world!

Hi! This is Rebecca Sigafus. I love reading. I’m kind of weird because I would rather read than watch a movie. I also play the violin and piano. I love music because of this quote by Hans Christian Anderson: “Where words fail, music speaks.” It’s kind of like my personal motto. I want to be able to get to the point where the music I play speaks.