Metacognition Of Term 1

Metacognition means thinking about thoughts, being aware of your thoughts. I think that Term 1 went pretty well. My Reading Index Score for Term 1 was 1453, and I think that I might have improved on reading this year. The best thing I have done this year so far was be in the play and perform well. However,  I wish that I had done better while running the mile in P.E. I wish I had been able to run it as fast as I did last year, because I ran it pretty fast last year. I was really excited, though, because for the curl-ups/sit-ups test, I got 80 this time, which was really weird, because last time I was only able to get 40.

During fall break, I am not going to go anywhere! I get to stay home, sleep in, then read and play the violin as much as I want to. For Thanksgiving, I am going to go to my grandparents’ house and eat some awesome food. For Christmas, I am going to go to my other grandparents’ house. I will get to see my cousins that live in Colorado again. I only see them like once a year, so I am really excited. They are all so funny and crazy.

For Term 2, I want to be able to get pretty good grades, and be able to understand almost everything that I have learned. I want to be able to run a faster mile, and I want to be able to play well in Orchestra. I hope to be able to pass off the theory test, and start learning my three octave scales better. I hope to get a better Reading Index score, and I hope to be able to read more good books. I hope to do better on the push-ups test in P.E., and I want to do better in Science. I got an A, but I didn’t really understand¬† what we were learning about. However, Term 2 should be better than Term 1, and Term 1 was pretty good, so it’ll be great.

Declare My Term 1 Book

This term I am reading Beyonders A World Without Heroes. The front cover of the copy I have looks like this:

Here is the Amazon link

I chose this book because my brother told me it was a great book and kept pestering me to read it. Also, I have read other books by the same author and I loved them.

The author of my book is Brandon Mull.

The reading level, according to Amazon, is Children’s books, grades 3-7.

Here is a picture of Brandon Mull, the author.


Hello world!

Hi! This is Rebecca Sigafus. I love reading. I’m kind of weird because I would rather read than watch a movie. I also play the violin and piano. I love music because of this quote by Hans Christian Anderson: “Where words fail, music speaks.” It’s kind of like my personal motto. I want to be able to get to the point where the music I play speaks.