What I’m Doing Right and What I Can Still Do Better

I think that I have been doing well in school when I was absent I was able to turn in late work and get caught up with everything. I have been doing assignments well and I have been doing really good in my honor class  I have been keeping up with turning things in. I’m also getting less lazy and started to workout and get help with homework. This is an improvement because I never asked for help with things I didn’t get and now I am getting help from teachers and friend’s.I think I can build some more time on studying and getting some things in at the right time and to get some more help when needed. I think I can do wayyyy better in my Web development class I haven’t payed attention well and I don’t have the best grade in that class so i’ll start to go after school to get my grade up.

Who I’m I As A Writer

I hate writing personally I don’t like writing even when they are assignment. For me it’s really boring because it’s about a topic that I don’t like and sometimes writing can be a test then you have to have grammar and the right punctuation and for me all that’s not fun.There is at times were I do like writing that could be either when i’m writing things down cause i’m doing it for fun or when i’m writing down a full on paragraph about my feelings about certain things so then I can overcome those feelings and feel better as a person. I loved writing when I was younger though I loved to write fairy tales and fun cool stories about princesses and such but now I just hate it cause it’s not fun anymore like it use to be when I was younger.

My Reading Journey

When I was a little child I loved to read fairy tales and romance books to this day I still like to read romance books but not fairy tales anymore. When I was a child I really liked the non-real world I just thought everything about was super cool I liked how you could just image things and it would be so cool then you told it to your friend’s and it would be a super cool thing that you and your friend’s invented. Now it’s more like I am growing up and I don’t really image anymore i’m worried about homework and catching up with things that I need to turn in and so I don’t get much time to be alone and read books I some times have time but it’s mostly comic books manga or romance books is the things I read now. I always was reading when I was young I loved to read it was my favorite thing to do now I don’t think it’s super cool or really fun now because they are books I like or books for school.