What I’m Doing Right and What I Can Still Do Better

I think that I have been doing well in school when I was absent I was able to turn in late work and get caught up with everything. I have been doing assignments well and I have been doing really good in my honor class  I have been keeping up with turning things in. I’m also getting less lazy and started to workout and get help with homework. This is an improvement because I never asked for help with things I didn’t get and now I am getting help from teachers and friend’s.I think I can build some more time on studying and getting some things in at the right time and to get some more help when needed. I think I can do wayyyy better in my Web development class I haven’t payed attention well and I don’t have the best grade in that class so i’ll start to go after school to get my grade up.

6 thoughts on “What I’m Doing Right and What I Can Still Do Better

  1. Nice job. If you try to do the practices and use W3Schools I think you could get a better grade.

  2. I’d like to say that I think its awesome that you are trying your best to get your work all caught up. And this year I have already missed school to and I had to go in for viking time and make up a test and I still have more to do.

  3. That’s awesome that you are in honors classes! I have the same problem I need to work on when asking for help if I don’t understand something.

  4. “Hey!” Tanner ran up next to Spencer.

    “Hi?” Spencer shocked, looked over to see Tanner glazed in a thin layer of sweat. “Uh… Do you need anything?”

    “Well, first of all,” Tanner nervous, looks around like he is being watched. “I could really use your help.”

    “Yeah sure um… I’m always happy to help.” Spencer says cautiously. “So, what do you need help with?”

    Tanner nods his head as a sign to follow him, Tanner takes Spencer to the back of the high school, where the forest is. School ended only ten minutes ago, so people should be home already. Tanner stops in his tracks. “Do you trust me?”

    Spencer starts to worry for himself, paying close attention to where Tanner’s hands go, hoping that he doesn’t pull out a knife. “Hey man, I would really love to help with whatever you need but I got football practice in about 20 minutes…” Spencer stops as soon as he makes eye contact with Tanner, Spencer realizes this is serious. “What’s happening Tanner, did someone hurt you?”

    “I… killed someone,” Tanner says on the verge of crying. “I was just trying to buy weed from this guy for Jeff’s party, and he pulled a knife on me.” Tanner stops for a second for a breather, the air just got thinner. Spencer looks at Tanner in disbelief, Tanner has always been a carefree guy, maybe he talks too much, but to think he is capable of murder puts a whole different view of Tanner for Spencer.

    “It was self-defense right, we can turn this into the police and they’ll understand the situation,” Spencer says trying to make light of the situation.

    “Are you crazy?” Tanner yells, “If we do that my parents will go crazy, it won’t be the police sending me to jail it’ll be my parents!” Spencer sees that Tanner is more afraid of his parents than the law. “I already have the body in a bag,” Tanner says in a quieter voice.

    “Then why the hell do you need me?” Spencer yells.

    “Be quiet, I don’t want anybody to hear us.” Tanner whispers, “I’m not strong enough to carry the body to the lake, that’s why I need your help.” Tanner seems calm but Spencer knows he’s in full panic mode, so is Spencer.

    “Okay, so where is it?” Spencer asks.

    “Follow me.” Tanner quickly turns around and starts marching into the forest, Spencer follows along. The walk seems to be taking forever but by surprise, they’re already at the scene. Right by a thin fallen tree was an extra-large school gym bag with splats of dried blood on it. Spencer’s heart skips a beat as soon he sees the bulky school bag. “Pick it up and let’s go,” Tanner ordered.

    “Yeah… ok.” Spencer reluctantly heads over to the school bag and squats down almost like he is about to do a deadlift. As soon he grabs the bag Spencer notices something is off. The bag isn’t heavy. Thoughts start rushing in Spencer’s head. Is this a sick joke? Should I start running? Did Tanner forget the body? Am I going to die? Spencer turns around to see where Tanner is, only to get kicked in the face. Spencer falls to the ground disoriented with the view he is given of Tanner rushing to a nearby bush to grab a hammer. Get up and fight back, is the only thing Spencer can think about, so he does.

    Spencer gets up, the only thing he can make out is a blurry blog getting bigger. Thinking fast Spencer pushes it away, moment after he hears a loud cry from Tanner. Spencer’s eyes start to clear. His anxiety starts to kick in when he sees what he has done. Tanner cracked his head onto a blunt rock, he had no pulse. “Oh no,” Spencer says under his breath.

    Spencer adapts to the situation and stuffs Tanner’s body, hammer, and the bloody rock into the school bag being careful not to get any blood on him, he zips it up and puts it down in the same bush Tanner used to hide the hammer. Spencer knows that won’t do, he needs to put Tanner in a better place, he needs help. Spencer starts to run to the school hoping that he doesn’t run into a stranger. He heads into the school looking for someone he knows that has a car. He spots a friend.

    “Hey Spencer, you missed football practice.” Alex gets a better look at Spencer and starts to worry. “What happened to you Spencer?”

    “Hey, you’re my friend right Alex?” Spencer stated.

    Alex, little confused replies, “Yeah, of course, man.”

    Spencer looks at Alex dead in the eyes, “Do you trust me.”

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