The First Story I Read

I was assigned the story All summer in a day by Ray Bradbury. It starts off by children and a teacher a teacher is showing them flowers and weeds mixed together. These children and teacher live on Venus and it is raining all the time there. The main characters the teacher the children and a child named Margot the other children bully her cause she remembers how it was back on earth. Then the rain stops the other children start to bully Margot and they put her in the closet because they knew that the sun was gonna come out. The conflict that moves the story is that all the children give Margot something from when the rain stopped because she wasn’t able to see the sun. I didn’t like how Margot got put into the closet.

What I’ve Been Reading

I have invested in my reading time. What I have read are mostly romance or drama some fantasy but almost all the books of read are romance books. Things I have like to read a lot is comic books online they are my favorite thing to read in my spare time. The comic books I read are horror and romance and drama books. They are fun because of what happens in the book and I get really engaged in the books I lose track of time and end up not studying for tests that are coming up. I have finished many comic books that I do not remember but I do remember that I have read Star girl, All the bright places, Inside out and back again, and many other books. I didn’t really like real life books and books that have history in them they aren’t really fun to read because it tells things that are boring. I think while reading I used my time well I read all the time and did what I was suppose to do.