What I’ve Been Reading

I have invested in my reading time. What I have read are mostly romance or drama some fantasy but almost all the books of read are romance books. Things I have like to read a lot is comic books online they are my favorite thing to read in my spare time. The comic books I read are horror and romance and drama books. They are fun because of what happens in the book and I get really engaged in the books I lose track of time and end up not studying for tests that are coming up. I have finished many comic books that I do not remember but I do remember that I have read Star girl, All the bright places, Inside out and back again, and many other books. I didn’t really like real life books and books that have history in them they aren’t really fun to read because it tells things that are boring. I think while reading I used my time well I read all the time and did what I was suppose to do.

One thought on “What I’ve Been Reading

  1. I like to read comic books too. I’m glad that you used your reading time well.

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