Everybody Was Finally Equal

How this would apply to society? Well people are always judging because of someone more successful than them so they find a way to make fun of it or to degrade it in someway. By doing that it makes the person do it less or just not tell anyone that they do it. We do punish some people if they beat the system in a way or tell someone to stop because it’s not right so we sometimes tell people or do something to stop it. We do sometimes make people feel like they can’t do anything or that we make them feel like the most successful person so I guess that’s a way we make people feel inferior.I think we do it so we don’t feel bad or that we feel like we need something other than what you have that’s all I gotta saw though.

One thought on “Everybody Was Finally Equal

  1. I agree that people make fun of people for being exceptional and successful, and I think you’re right, that we do it so we don’t feel bad about ourselves. I think a big part of it is jealousy too. Especially at our age, where jealousy is a big thing, I think people degrade others success out of jealousy.

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