Busy Worrying About the Next World

I think that people use religion as a weapon because it could affect a lot of people if you think about it. Religion can be a huge part of someones life and somebody could say something about it and they would probably believe what the person is saying. People can use religion to their advantage because there’s a ton of things they could say that is “sinful” to the bible. I’ve had an experience of a very religious person who told me the way I dressed was sinful to god. I was wearing ripped pants and a crop top but I didn’t think anything about it since I am not religious person so that’s was an experience that happened to me.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

I think that Atticus tells that to “Climb into another person’s skin” is because he thinks that Scout needs to see people how they would see her. How the situation with Miss Caroline how she’s already so stressed with the kids in her class and it’s only been one day. It is illegal but the Author isn’t saying to actually do it because it’s just a metaphor. In my perspective it is really helpful in a situation that i’m in that involves conflict between friend’s or family. That’s because I can say okay lemme think about how they would feel about it or how this situation makes the person feel.

Where I’m From

My parents are from Argentina but my great grandpa is from Italy and my great grandma is from Germany. I although I am from america while my parents and cousins and my grandpa and grandma are from Argentina Mendoza. My parents came to Utah for a better living since their in Argentina isn’t the best place because of the robbery and the drugs and other bad things. That’s why they decided to move to Argentina. Argentina is a beautiful place though and I love the mountains and animals they have there but it can have it’s bad sides like robbery and killing and drugs and other nasty things and I don’t think my parents would want my siblings to be in a fear of that so that why we moved to Pleasant Grove Utah!

Getting To Know My Inner Voice

I think that my inner voice is pretty useful although it’s sometimes really distracting and not that useful.  I also learned that my inner voice as a lot of weird and dumb conversations for some reason. My inner voice rereads when a person is speaking or when a person is reading something to be I say it again in my head. My inner voice also does and thinks a lot of questions while reading or just spacing out thinking of so many thoughts. I also think my inner voice is helpful and it also helps he think in a good way while reading.

What Would I Miss Most?

I have gained the understanding that life is hard and it’s not an easy thing to deal with and that many challenges will come your way. Another thing was that right now the thing I should focus on is getting good grades in school and just be good at understanding things. I think I take for granted is that we have new music and our phones and basically technology to help us with communication and to help us pass time and for other great things. The thing I would miss most if I lived back then I would miss listening to the amazing music we have today. I would also miss technology.