I like how the poem has a deep meaning even if you don’t understand what the author is trying to say. I like the poem because it’s short but has a very deep meaning to the few sentences and words the poem has. I think the author was trying to say that it is about how African Americans “put off” dreams of other people who aren’t African american. I think that the poem resembles how the dreams would have looked like. I think that the African Americans don’t have anything to do with putting off someone’s dream because they are also humans they aren’t pausing anyone’s dream just other people think that and they blame it one them.The one thing that I was confused about was how Harlem was related to the rest of the poem. I think the affect of the poem and the music can really show how people who are not colored and treated differently and they blame everything on the colored people because they are different.

Consider Things from His(or Her) Point Of View

I think Tom Robinson point of view in the everyday life is he gets criticized a lot of the time because he’s a colored man and in the book white people hate colored people a lot even if they have done nothing wrong. The problems Tom Robinson has to deal with is racism and being poorly treated by the white people and gets accused of things he has never done. Well the problem of being wrongly accused as a colored person in this book is very high.  This led up to Tom Robinson to end up in court because of this lady who he was trying to be nice to. But she blamed him for raping her when in reality she assaulted him. I really don’t know what could happen to him but I really hope that he can life freely. I can say that Tom Robinson is a really good mad even if he’s colored because he helps with everything and help with that lady who took advantage of him I think that he his a really good man it’s just that colored people are mistreated and white people can come up with anything and other people would believe it.

How I’m Dealing With The Coronavirus Stuff

For me I’ve been enjoying this break ALOT but the one thing that is really upsetting me is all the things that got cancelled but of this stupid virus. I know that it’s a really big deal It just upsets me that all the fun excited things that were coming up turn out to be cancelled or postponed. The thing that has been keeping me busy is all the school work and just cleaning non stop at my house otherwise I really nothing to do because I have a boring life like that. I have been managing the online school pretty well but sometimes I get overwhelmed with stuff. I’m not so nervous for the future but more on just how things will turn out because a lot of the things are like registration and other things that include high school. I’ve just been been listening to music and doing exercise to keep me calm and productive.

Strange Fruit

“Strange Fruit” I really like this poem because it enlighten me on how horrible and how bad racism was. It also showed what they would do to the poor people and I think that they shouldn’t have treated colored people unfairly. The poem really made me feel disgusted and sad and mad. The reason why it made me disgusted was because I can’t believe that people hung colored people on trees because of racism. The reason why it made me sad and mad was because of all the people who died and got hung on the trees and it made me mad because I can’t believe people would do something so cruel to a person who did nothing wrong. I think the author was trying to say how horribly treated the colored people were treated.

Blind Spots

I can agree with what Atticus says about “he just has his blind spots along with the rest of us” I can agree with Atticus because I think everyone is a good person but they come with their own problems and struggles. That can make us think in a way that’s not good and give us some thoughts that could harm others. Even if someone did something horrible you can still change and make that person a better person. Everyone can be considered good if you give them a chance and to not judge them but more like help them. To help them and to help them find a way to become a better person because everyone can become a good person they just need someone or something to push them and to make them a good person. I think that is what Atticus wants to happen.

Real Courage

I think the definition of courage is like someone being brave enough to do something about a dangerous or bad situation. I think that courage is something really powerful and anyone who has the courage to stop something that’s wrong is a really good person. Courage is really cool sometimes and it can be a powerful tool to eliminate bad things in our world. I once had to stop my friends from doing something bad because I knew something bad was gonna happen. I also had one time where a friend of mine was talking crap on someone and I had to stop them from saying rude things by saying a nice thing about that person.


I  think it’s the best to try even if you do loose you can still have hope. I think that trying is worth it because you never know if you will win or not. It’s still worth the try because you never know the type of outcome it can have when you try or what type of lesson you can get. By trying you should sacrifice the amount you think would be best for the type of situation or the type of thing you need to try at. When you know you will lose try your best at it even when the outcome is bad so I think that it is worth trying.