Blind Spots

I can agree with what Atticus says about “he just has his blind spots along with the rest of us” I can agree with Atticus because I think everyone is a good person but they come with their own problems and struggles. That can make us think in a way that’s not good and give us some thoughts that could harm others. Even if someone did something horrible you can still change and make that person a better person. Everyone can be considered good if you give them a chance and to not judge them but more like help them. To help them and to help them find a way to become a better person because everyone can become a good person they just need someone or something to push them and to make them a good person. I think that is what Atticus wants to happen.

5 thoughts on “Blind Spots

  1. Yes agree, i feel like when people make a mistake other people around them just judge them for what they did.

  2. I totally agree that everyone can be a good person. But i dont know if like a murder can be a good person lol

  3. I think everyone can be a good person too. People mistake others as “bad” because they’re quick to judge, good blog post!

  4. I love how you said that everyone is a good person but we all have our own problems and struggles. Because none of us can be perfect.

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