Strange Fruit

“Strange Fruit” I really like this poem because it enlighten me on how horrible and how bad racism was. It also showed what they would do to the poor people and I think that they shouldn’t have treated colored people unfairly. The poem really made me feel disgusted and sad and mad. The reason why it made me disgusted was because I can’t believe that people hung colored people on trees because of racism. The reason why it made me sad and mad was because of all the people who died and got hung on the trees and it made me mad because I can’t believe people would do something so cruel to a person who did nothing wrong. I think the author was trying to say how horribly treated the colored people were treated.

4 thoughts on “Strange Fruit

  1. I really felt how you said the poem made you feel disgusted, sad, and mad. It’s awful people would do that. When I read the poem, I felt very similar.

  2. Ive never read this quote before but after hearing what its about Im very interested. I liked it when you said it “enlightened you on how horrible racism was.”

  3. Seeing that also showed me how horrible racism was. I also think that you are 100% right no one should be treated be like that even if they are colored.

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