Consider Things from His(or Her) Point Of View

I think Tom Robinson point of view in the everyday life is he gets criticized a lot of the time because he’s a colored man and in the book white people hate colored people a lot even if they have done nothing wrong. The problems Tom Robinson has to deal with is racism and being poorly treated by the white people and gets accused of things he has never done. Well the problem of being wrongly accused as a colored person in this book is very high.  This led up to Tom Robinson to end up in court because of this lady who he was trying to be nice to. But she blamed him for raping her when in reality she assaulted him. I really don’t know what could happen to him but I really hope that he can life freely. I can say that Tom Robinson is a really good mad even if he’s colored because he helps with everything and help with that lady who took advantage of him I think that he his a really good man it’s just that colored people are mistreated and white people can come up with anything and other people would believe it.

4 thoughts on “Consider Things from His(or Her) Point Of View

  1. I do think that it’s dumb how they accused him of raping Mayella when really she assaulted him. It also sucks for him because since he’s a man of color, if he’s going to court people will find him guilty.

  2. I like that you added that he was a good man because I think that really difines his personality and the way he treats others. I also think that he’s a very hard working man.

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